Monday, January 22, 2007

Holy smokes! (part 3)

Jessica Alba. When she 1st came to my attention, during her 'Dark Angel' days, I was mucho impressed. The dark curly hair and full lips. But as she has become more successful, she has lightened and straighten her hair more and more, and I my opinion, taking away her ethnic looks. I have been less impressed. However I stumbled across these photos of her yesterday, at some Mercedes sponsored polo event, and boy does she look good! Its the 1st time that the blonde hair worked for me too. Can't wait for The Fantastic Four 2 movie now!

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gmcerveny said...

I love you jessica alba. Too bad scarlet johansson is beating you.

squish said...

Scarlet is nice too, but sometimes she doesn't photograph well.

Anonymous said...

Sascha, this is the most homosexual form of female admiration i have ever encountered. "Scarlet is nice too, but sometimes she doesnt photograph well". First of all, she isnt 'photogenic'. Secondly say things like, she has a cracking pair of norks, manly shit.