Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The joys of being a man!

Time for some more Jojo (and Christina)! I lucked upon a photoshoot I've been waiting for in HQ for ages! I absolutely loathe small photos. I know a lot of people reduce file sizes for storage and bandwidth space but I hate it. That's why all my squish pages photos are the original size! 100%.

Anyway, found the photos HQ, then found another set I'd only seen a few of before. Jackpot time. Then this evening I found some nice shots of Christina Aguilera and decided to add them to this post too!

Jojo - Todd France shoot.

Jojo - Anthony Cutajar shoot.

This is a pic of Jojo and her then boyfriend at the 2005 Teen Choice awards. They broke up last autumn after just over a year. But now he's gone. He's ugly! Played for D.C United.

And now Christina,

New Years Eve.

On her way to Toscana restaurant.

That guy on her arm is her husband! And just below her left elbow (check out the new years photos) is a tattoo I wanted to mimic till I learned that it says 'I love you always' in Spanish, and the black writing in between is her husband's initials in Hebrew. Damned if I'm gonna have his name on my arm!

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