Sunday, June 03, 2007

For sis.

One of Sarah's favourite beefcakes, Justin Timberlake, is reported to have a new beau; Jessica Biel. Maybe because she was originally a tv star on '7th Heaven', a show not very popular on these shores, she's not that well known, but she had a large role in '7th Heaven' before getting sacked for taking some racy photos that opposed the shows moral and religious stance. She would later return to 'guest star' in the show as her character was a key character and pivotal to some of the major storylines.

She now seems to be focusing on the big screen with her biggest role to date playing alongside Oscar winner Jamie Foxx in 'Stealth'. Below are some random photos I found.

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Sister from another mister said...

Tis true! I think there are lots of people who havent heard of her. Im sure she's beautiful but i dont see it. maybe cos u gotta compare her to other hollywood stars and esp Cameron Diaz who is gorgeous! Atleast he's not back with Britney Spears (yet..! eek!) x x

Greg said...

Cameron Diaz is a munter. JT could have had any girl in the world and he picked Cameron Diaz. Shit - in - eyes.

Greg said...

P.s Where are these 'photos'?