Friday, June 27, 2008

And through it all

There's nothing like the love of a good woman when times are hard but when you can't afford to go out in order to meet one, and even the moths in your wallet have packed up and left you, all you are left with are your dreams. And hey, where would we be without dreams. Man would never of reached the moon (even though by 'moon', I mean Hollywood backlot).

Dreams girls never leave you, always listen, and they shut the hell up when sport is on the TV! In the last few months my top 3 dream girls have appeared in some of their best photos yet, and I've been keen to get them on Squish Page which I will now do.
They have moved around in position though, and now rank thusly;

1) Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque
2) Hayden Panettiere
3) Christina Aguilera

Christina having dropped from 1st to 3rd and the others bumping up a place each. The reason being Christina's child birth. I've always found it impossible to be attracted to moms. I guess it must boil down to a guys desire that his girl is untouched when you meet them. Of course, it pretty unlikely that any girl you meet hasn't been with another guy before you, but nothing spells it out clearer than her dragging a rugrat behind her!

First up, Jojo from the Step Up Women's Network's Inspiration Awards, May 29th

Next, Hayden Panettiere (Heroes spoiler!) on set, filming season 3, June 21st

Finally Christina Aguilera at a party at LAX Nightclub, Luxor Hotel, Vegas, May 31st

Thanks to all original posters and, where I done got the pics

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Previously, on Squish Pages

I had got my dream job. Ideal location in East London's Victoria Park. A 30-40 minute journey to work. I had lucked into use of a company car which I managed to end up with it 95% of the time. The company itself suited my personality and style; it was professional, catered to the mid to top end range of properties, and preferred a more laid back style over a pushy, aggressive style of some other estate agents.

But sadly 2 weeks ago I became victim to the credit crunch and was made redundant. A case of last in, first out. I am still coming to terms with losing such a perfect job. In one swoop my salary had improved by 1/3 over my previous job and money worries were soon to be just a distant memory as I now had a wage which was to give me choices with my pipeline of business due to me over the next few months. With the loss of the job I lost my pipeline too, and if I was to tell you there was over £2000 in my pipeline at the time (and growing), you would see how much I've lost.

I'm now in the worst financial position of my life now, from flying high to crash and burn. With no job, no pay, but still £800 worth of financial commitment still to make each month!

I had started to go out socially again as I had money in my pocket. I hadn't been to a nightclub in some 4 1/2 months and actually had a worry attack whether my clothes would look out of date, or if I had fallen behind in social etiquette and would come off like Encino Man.

Now I'm stuck back indoors trying to find a job as well paid as my last, in a industry which is struggling to sustain itself at the moment, and in a company that is not some shyster, spiky hair, pinstripe suit, agent. Plans to buy a car, a bicycle, a summer filled with music festivals and a paid off credit card have all been shelved. My only means of travel right now are my feet and my Oyster card, which I've now found that even a trip to the bank in nearby town of Ilford requires over half the day!