Thursday, November 30, 2006

Boom baby!

PAY DAY!!!!!! 'Gimme my king's crown back y'all! Still fits. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!'

Now me pockets ain't skinny no more, I can hit the shops! Blow all my dough on Xmas presents. Back to square one in 10 seconds flat! With today being my day off I'm gonna hit the shopping mall named Bluewater. Its not blue, and its not made of water, but it can empty one's wallet faster than a £1000 a night hooker!

Not much online time this week. Busy, busy, busy! Or more like, tired, tired, tired! After doing that evenings activity, whether it be step class, choir practice or badminton, there only seems enough time to have dinner before the sandman comes get me. Be needing me prune juice and arthritis medicine soon! Eek!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Games, booze and movies

First off, if you guys have a couple of minutes spare, check out the two games on me links bar; Penguin Arcade and Scribble ->. They're like online flash games. The only cost is your bandwidth. A mildly diverting gift to all my blog fans.

Well I managed to get out of the house this weekend, the 4 walls driving me crazy, and spent me time with two beautiful people; namely Gregg and Louise. (Now pay attention 007. I know 2 Greggs: One with 1 'G', Pimp Daddy Blanc, just had his 21st. And one with 2 'G's, long time best pal and fellow Capricorn)

With Gregg, it was Saturday night in Shorditch. Probably now considered our regular. We visited a few bars and tried one in particular call Flava, but it was guest list only. I think I upset Gregg that night though, as he wanted to stay out and book a hotel room and worry about getting home in the morning. But as I'm in pauper mode I poo-pooed his idea, catching the last train home and leaving him to his own devices!

da last train home

Sunday, I had Louise for company and we watched the movie 'Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny'. Now I have to admit this was not my choice of film, and would not have made it into my list at all, but it was actually thoroughly entertaining and totally enjoyable. I'm glad I saw it! Thanx Lou!

da movie

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well excuse me!

Have you seen these two? Look out for them as they are considered dangerous!! Do not approach them!


First up is Vicky. She has admonished me for her not appearing on Squish Pages enough times and 'would like the next entry to be devoted to how much I miss her'. Well I admit she has been missed whilst away at uni, her directness, bluntness and in-your-face honesty also missed. But she will be down early December for the Jumpin Jaks Christmas do and I'm sure over Christmas. So, see you soon Victoria!x

Second up is Martin, who feels that Squish Pages is lacking that zap and zest that it had when it was loaded with the Australia trip photos. Maybe he was suggesting that I need to go on holiday again to make things 'interesting' again. Well I'd love to go away again, but I only get 4 weeks off each year, so Squish Pages will have to be 'boring' more often than not!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TV manic!

I'm back! Wasn't able to log into my own blog. Some maintenance problem and blah, blah, blah! Needless to say, I stayed in this weekend (see previous post), and caught up with some television; well my Sky+. I like the show '7th Heaven' and its showing every day on 'Hallmark'. They seem intent on showing every one of the 10, or so, seasons concurrently which means every week I'm 7 hours further behind. There is only so much good ole, wholesome family drama with a Christian slant, that a man can take.

Smoking is bad. Rap music is bad. Drinking is bad. Sex before marriage is bad. Intolerance is bad. Family is good. Respect for one parents, elders or responsible guardian is good. Learning from one's mistakes is good. You get the idea.

I've watched the entire second season of 'House' on DVD (not over this weekend, but over the last month), and have the first season waiting at the post office for me to pay the £10 import tax I've been hit with. Bah!

I also need to invest in 'The West Wing' on DVD, but until then I'll make do with the reruns on 'More 4'.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

King to pauper

Oh look. It's that time again. Mid-month. Time to hand back my king's crown. Hand back my king's robe and sceptre and jewels; and don the old rags of a beggar. Time for my old shoes with the holes in. Time for my old moth eaten overcoat, time for my bread and cheese. And time for..... 'Hey! Someone stop that pigeon. He's just run of with my bread! Oi! Come back........!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Music. Music. Music!

Over the last 2 weeks it seems I have come into a great deal of music, in the form of albums. A lot of new songs to integrate into my life and head!

Jojo - The High Road
Lloyd Banks - Rotten Apple
Busy Signal - Step Out
Buju Banton - Too Bad
The Game - Doctor's Advocate
P.Diddy - Press Play
Snoop Dogg - The Blue Carpet Treatment
Ludacris - Release Therapy
Cassie - Cassie
Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds
Beyonce - B'Day

Now I have to admit the last 6 I acquired rather than bought, and of them the 3 hip/hop albums I wanted, the R&B ones I reluctantly took as R&B ain't really my bag. But when they're free, who's complaining. And shhhhh. Snoop's album is an advance copy as it ain't even released till next week. Keep that one under your hat!

I've added a link to the myspace of the lovely Melissa. She's a Jojo fan too! Welcome aboard Mel xx

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The big Five-0

This is the fiftieth post on the Squish Pages. I was hoping that it's 50th coincided with some momentous occasion that could be shouted out from the rooftops and make the moment of reaching 50 that much more special. Well it hasn't. It's an ordinary Tuesday evening in November, bit mild for the time of year (pleasantly so), but a little damp at present. My 3 times a week gym routine still hasn't clicked back into place, so I'm not there tonight. However, Mr Garner (my old school music teacher, for the uninitiated) has called to say its Christmas concert time again, and my annual invite to join the choir is extended once more! There is a 2 hr practice tonight which I'm about to go to. So no bells and no whistles.

I do want to say another big thanks to all my visitors though, who make continuing with this blog worth all the while. In the 6 weeks of the counter being installed I've received just shy of 280 hits! (I know. The first 7 visits was me!). With the actual number of total pages viewed by visitors standing at a whopping 911! Which I guess means when you guys click on any link within my page that doesn't lead you off of it. So thanks again for your support. And if you're new here; have a look around. Take a look at what I've been up to. MAKE COMMENTS! And have fun!


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Greg's 21th

Last night was a celebratory party for Greg's 21 years of service to the world! It was a bit premature as his birthday is actually this coming Wednesday! However it was a great party with a pretty amazing turnout of both friends and family! Old Park's was the venue, with a free bar, which lasted all night, a DJ, and hot catered food laid on. I didn't meet Greg's parents but want to say a big thanks to them! Greg was a marvelous host too, traversing the room and making sure everybody got a bit of his time.

I, myself had a good night and got totally drunk, and today stayed in my burrow like the mighty field mouse only venturing out for food at 4pm! By then the room had stopped spinning!

Richard and Lucy
Lucy and Me
Kirsty, Charlene and Dave
Sarah and Dominique
Lucy, Charlene and Louise
Catherine and Channa
Dave, Charlene and Jack
Leicester Crew: Sarah, Melissa, Abdi and Iain
Jack and Dave
Greg and Louise
Charlene and Sarah
didn't get her name....
Charlene, Louise and Kirsty
Charlene and MeJack and Kirsty

Pimp Daddy Blanc

Friday, November 10, 2006

Jason's return/New year breaks the bank!

We had a full house at 'badminton Wednesday' this week. For a good few weeks only myself, John and Martin have been turning up as Jason was out with an injury, and Philip is out with being in love!! With 4 of us there we able to play doubles again, which involves a lot less running around; and Jason marked his return not only by winning the most games that night but by only operating on 60% to ease back into it! We was all still knackered by the end of the hour. Maybe we all need an M.O.T!

Had to blow out plans for New Years Eve! Listen to this: A Castle in the north Wales countryside. A 6 course meal with some drinks thrown in. A casino. Obviously, the party with DJ. A firework display at midnight with hot chocolate and pastries being served. A night's stay in one of the castle's many guest rooms, and a brunch on New Years Day itself before departing. All starting from £211 per person!
None of that includes, staying in the castle the night before which would be about another £120 (does include breakfast). Meals, drinks, getting to Wales and back! While it all sound absolutely fabulous and an ideal New Years' celebration, it's just beyond my modest budget. Maybe one year, but not this one! :'-(

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I like you, do you like me?

Borat and cactus
Jagshemash! On Sunday I watched the moviefilm 'Borat!: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan' with the gorgeous Louise. We went to the Enfield Cineworld and was aiming for the 7.30 showing but there was so much traffic on the way there on the A406 that we actually arrived too late and had to catch the next showing at 8.45. The moviefilm itself is one of the funniest films I've ever seen. If you like your Borat and Sacha Baron Cohen's style of humiliation set ups, plus a bit of slapstick you will like it, if not, then you wont. Wa wa wi wa!

Jojo, album photo

On Monday my copy of 'The High Road' arrived. Every track on Jojo's 2nd album is well cool and it's gonna be my driving music for a good while! "Its just too little too late..."


It's been a bit of a frustrating week so far at work. My job involves a lot of phonecalls, both incoming and outgoing, but I just don't understand how anyone can have a mobile phone and never ever answer it. I've currently got 3 vendor/applicants that I've not reached in 4 working days despite leaving them at least 4 messages a day! If you can't ever have the phone on or answer it; don't have one! The whole idea of mobile phones is to be reached when you're not near a fixed line! Its always in your pocket! Grrrr! Rant over!

Thanks to for the photos

Monday, November 06, 2006

The night continues....

Now while for some a night at a firework display would of been a night's fill; at 10pm I left and headed to Hainualt to pick up Charlene and Dave. The reason; to go to Southend and meet up with Kirsty and Jack. So at about 10.45 we was heading down the A127 bound for a Southend! There was a slight hold up while the traffic slowed to pass a stricken car, off the road and in the scenery! Char provided directions from the back seat, like a real live Tom Tom. By the time we got there poor ole Jack was pooped and made his way home. So that left the 4 of us to hit the club.

Club Mayhem. Not as bad as the name suggests. It was actually pretty descent. Quality music. Quality ladies. Quality venue. Only the clientele was a bit rough around the edges. But what do you expect that deep into Essex!

Dropped Kirsty off home in her lil village at the end of the night, then back to this neck of the woods to drop off Charlene, Dave and of course, myself. Char's navigation system was called Sach Sach, on the way back, but it was just as crap as when she was Tom Tom!

3.30 I got home!

Kinky and Shaggy
Pimp Daddy Chocolat and Rodney
Aint they beautiful!
Bad boyz 4 life!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The 5th on the 4th!

Guy Faulkes was a man... And we'll leave the boring history lesson there! Had the family bonfire night on Saturday. Annually arranged by bro Shaun, with my other bro, Brian, providing the catering in the form of a BBQ. It was a case of family and friends, Karen and her Mom providing the venue. It was a good night, mild dry weather, and with a good selection of fireworks we aimed to 'out do' the neighbor's! I guess it's a point usually overlooked, but what goes up must come down! And down came the casing if one of the fireworks; right on me nogging! Felt like being hit by a brick! But I'm scar free with my good looks preserved! :-)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jojo - Sara Jaye photoshoot

I'm going to hell, just thought I'd say goodbye!

Just to even things out here is the amazing creature which is Christina Milian. Another singer, but, who's music (and acting) suck, however she looks fantastic trying. She's 25!

Thanks to and