Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Maybe next time...

Myself and Jason (plus John) LOSERS!

It was a badminton clash of the titans. Two mighty teams locked in combat with only one victor! Sadly it wasn't me and Jas. John and Phil served up a 4-1 massacre. Me and Jason fought well though, throwing away winning advantages in all but one of the night's games. Next week, a new script.

John and Phil (plus the finger) WINNERS!

Holy smokes!

Now this is my idea of Heaven. Mya and Jojo in one place! All we need now is Christina Aguilera and Kelly (formally of Destiny's Child), in the mix and you could stick a fork in me. 'Cause I'd be done!

Badminton Wednesday

Every Wednesday the combatants take to court in honorable battle. In the modern era; myself, John, Jason, Martin and Phil take part in the Badminton Cup. However, in the classic era there were such champions as David, Dan and Chris!
This tournament has been running for several millennia, with no true victor being found, with the exception of Dave. On a good day he kicked your ass! On a bad day he just beat you! The remaining players...... well its too close to call.
So we salute these modern day soldiers who cast aside their injuries and aliments every week, to throw down and do battle! Hurrarh brave men!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sarah's barbeque pics

Me, Vicky and Sarah


Cat, Vicky and Sarah


After a bit of an effort I got some pics up. I must be a right dilbert! lol!!!

Its gone pete tong! (with a silver lining)

Was to be beautiful. 'Get loaded in the park' music festival today on Clapham common, a stay over in a London hotel tonight; then wake up tomorrow ready for part 2, the Notting Hill carnival. But alas, with poor Gregg's bad back and my sensitive tum tum, the plans are off. Get well soon matey! However I have jack all money anyway and loads of dirty laundry (life!), so not all bad. Plus I get to go to my darling little sister-from-another-mother, Sarah's barbeque. YAYYYYY!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm new at this

Errr! How does this thing work. Not as easy as a kettle; put water in and throw the switch..... Where are the instructions?

Thursday, August 17, 2006