Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hi-Ho. Hi-Ho!/ Thoughts on a cracking Wimbledon


This week I returned to the workforce. Ironically with the same company that put boot to ass, just a short while ago. I have been welcomed back into the fold to work with my then manager, but in a new area, EC1; Barbican, Smithsfield, Clerkenwell. (I have grown to like the area already in my few days there).
I also have had to take up a new discipline; lettings! Probably the more lucrative field to be in during this credit crunch but still a field I have to learn. The motivations behind buying a property and just renting one for a year are poles apart, and I'll have to read them very quickly for I only have a 3 month, summer contract!
A job's a job though and hopefully I can exceed targets once more and show my worth.....


I know the Wimbledon tournament finished last weekend with a fantastic lady's and men's final (more on them later), but this was, for me, one of the best and more enjoyable tournaments ever. I made my 2 trips down to see live tennis, but being out of a job afforded me the added ability to watch many more matches on the gogglebox, and there were some humdingers!
And on the finals, I'm glad that after the match fixing slur that was leveled at the Williams sisters, they both came out swinging and proved that the match was won on the day, by the best player, and not over the breakfast table, like had been suggested from some quarters.
And on the men's final, I was saddened that Federer lost, for it meant there was a changing of the guard, a new world order. Nadal has been the only man in the last few years that could regularly worry Federer, but not on grass. Now, there is no surface that Federer truly rules. Nadal has been World Number 2 to Federer's Number 1 for the last 3 years, but with his winning head to head record against him the positions must now to be reversed.
In my book you cant beat the world's best player more times than he's beaten you and still be number 2!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The bat cometh

I am so excited about The Dark Knight movie that I am drooling like a new born baby about to suckle on a nipple. Heck, I'm drooling like I do at the thought of sucking on a nipple!

I can assure you that no one was as upset as me to learn that the inevitable sequel to 2005s Batman Begins would not be coming out till 2008! That was 3 years away! I can tell you that I uttered lots of naughty words. So many, in fact, that I've already booked my afterlife ticket to Hell.

2008 is now here, and The Dark Knight opens July 25th here in the UK (July 18th, one week earlier in the US), and 'watch out' the person who gets in my way of seeing it opening weekend!

If the mooted 3rd in the new franchised series does not feature director/writer, Chris Nolan; and Christian Bale, then I will be saying a lot more naughty words, especially if they say it will be another 3 years before it hits a movie theatre. That's 2011 people!

At times like this I have to listen to the Joker, 'Why so serious?'

Official UK site
Official US site

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Game, Set, Match

What a corker of a match Andy Murray had last night against Richard Gasquet. A nigh on 4 hour, 5 set match. Unfortunately I had to watch on TV but in week 1 of Wimbledon I saw some live tennis on the 1st and 2nd days of the tournament.
This was the first year I made a conscientious decision to go twice after last year my chosen day got rained out forcing me to make a second visit to see some tennis; and in 2006 I chanced on a second trip on the mid Saturday after finishing work at 5pm, and found myself buying a resale Court 1 ticket and watching Andy Murray beating Andy Roddick. Happy days!

I had company both days; Lucy and boyfriend Richard on the Monday, and Catherine on the Tuesday. Richard and Catherine were going Wimbledon for the first time, and I think they both enjoyed their day. And boy what a day; a 7am start to arrive in time to queue up to to get tickets. Imagine arriving in West London at 9.15am after 1 1/2 hour journey to get there and finding 6000 people in the queue ahead of you. Welcome to Wimbledon! Luckily, (I had actually been checking on the weather from 2 weeks before to ensure I picked the best days to go) the weather was fine all day and got to see 3 matches each day. Thoroughly entertaining! I definitely want to get onto the show courts next year and have checked on the prices; £500 - £23,000 (but start saving).

Friday, June 27, 2008

And through it all

There's nothing like the love of a good woman when times are hard but when you can't afford to go out in order to meet one, and even the moths in your wallet have packed up and left you, all you are left with are your dreams. And hey, where would we be without dreams. Man would never of reached the moon (even though by 'moon', I mean Hollywood backlot).

Dreams girls never leave you, always listen, and they shut the hell up when sport is on the TV! In the last few months my top 3 dream girls have appeared in some of their best photos yet, and I've been keen to get them on Squish Page which I will now do.
They have moved around in position though, and now rank thusly;

1) Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque
2) Hayden Panettiere
3) Christina Aguilera

Christina having dropped from 1st to 3rd and the others bumping up a place each. The reason being Christina's child birth. I've always found it impossible to be attracted to moms. I guess it must boil down to a guys desire that his girl is untouched when you meet them. Of course, it pretty unlikely that any girl you meet hasn't been with another guy before you, but nothing spells it out clearer than her dragging a rugrat behind her!

First up, Jojo from the Step Up Women's Network's Inspiration Awards, May 29th

Next, Hayden Panettiere (Heroes spoiler!) on set, filming season 3, June 21st

Finally Christina Aguilera at a party at LAX Nightclub, Luxor Hotel, Vegas, May 31st

Thanks to all original posters and, where I done got the pics

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Previously, on Squish Pages

I had got my dream job. Ideal location in East London's Victoria Park. A 30-40 minute journey to work. I had lucked into use of a company car which I managed to end up with it 95% of the time. The company itself suited my personality and style; it was professional, catered to the mid to top end range of properties, and preferred a more laid back style over a pushy, aggressive style of some other estate agents.

But sadly 2 weeks ago I became victim to the credit crunch and was made redundant. A case of last in, first out. I am still coming to terms with losing such a perfect job. In one swoop my salary had improved by 1/3 over my previous job and money worries were soon to be just a distant memory as I now had a wage which was to give me choices with my pipeline of business due to me over the next few months. With the loss of the job I lost my pipeline too, and if I was to tell you there was over £2000 in my pipeline at the time (and growing), you would see how much I've lost.

I'm now in the worst financial position of my life now, from flying high to crash and burn. With no job, no pay, but still £800 worth of financial commitment still to make each month!

I had started to go out socially again as I had money in my pocket. I hadn't been to a nightclub in some 4 1/2 months and actually had a worry attack whether my clothes would look out of date, or if I had fallen behind in social etiquette and would come off like Encino Man.

Now I'm stuck back indoors trying to find a job as well paid as my last, in a industry which is struggling to sustain itself at the moment, and in a company that is not some shyster, spiky hair, pinstripe suit, agent. Plans to buy a car, a bicycle, a summer filled with music festivals and a paid off credit card have all been shelved. My only means of travel right now are my feet and my Oyster card, which I've now found that even a trip to the bank in nearby town of Ilford requires over half the day!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Birthday to ya!

Sorry guys but I am absolutely useless with remembering birthdays. If you don't tell me when its coming up then there's no chance of me coming through. I even struggle with my own Mom an Dad's! I used to pop all the dates in me mobile phone, but as I upgrade every 9 months it would mean I would not be using the same phone and wouldn't have the information any more come the following year.
'What about using a diary?', I hear you cry.
Well as they found out in my old job, I've never used a diary so have never trained myself to look in a little book for numbers, names, address, places, dates or important events. So I would then need reminding to look in the diary, therefore, I would now need a diary to prompt me to use my diary. And for that I would need a diary......

Last Saturday we went out a meal to celebrate Jason's and Martin's birthday's. It was originally to be a dinner at the dog tracks with a spot of gambling afterward but unfortunately the restaurant needed booking months in advance and Jason could not get us a table. Michelle found the Clockhouse restaurant in Epping, and a good choice it was too. It was some cracking grub, yumtastic. It was also the first time I'd seen Martin in nigh on 6 months as he has been adjusting to being a new father.

Happy Birthday Martin.
Happy Birthday Jason.

Ooh, and a quick Happy Birthday to Sam, friend and new colleague . Love ya! xxx

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ha ha ha ha ha!

As of April 1st I had just £50 left in my account. Just £50 to get through to my next payday on April 28th. The bad news was (if that wasn't disastrous enough), that I still had a £45 mobile phone, £43 gym membership and £55 Sky subscription still to come out!!!!
As off today, though, things were looking far rosier. The mobile phone company had already had their money, so its just the gym and Sky to worry about. Down to £30 too.

My March credit card payment is still AWOL, however, Barclays are communication with the credit card company to find out where it went. In the mean time I have been told that I wont have to pay the penalty fines as I made the original payment in good time and in good faith.

Gotta laugh otherwise I'd cry.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Remember the name.

Crikey! Its almost a month ago but me and Channa popped along to see Cat singing in another showcase. This one was different though as she performed one of her own penned songs. Also it was her first time with a live band! She even launched her new stage name that night, which I forget! I've know her as Cat for so long that nothing else will stick.

These showcases are always great fun with the varying styles of music, performing styles and ages, there is really something for everyone, plus I enjoy being a groupie, cheering Cat on from the darkness, along with Channa of course. Your biggest fans.

I actually recorded Cat rather than took photos, but the videos are too big to be loaded here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another month, Another money malady!

Is it just me or do you guys get financial mishaps as well? Shesh!

Listen to this one...

Like most folks who have a credit card, I get a statement through every month with a 'payment due' slip at the bottom, which when I pay it keeps 'the man' happy for another month. Having got behind with my credit cards once before a few years ago, I am at great pains not to let this happen again, and make my payment each month like a good little boy. I do then have to 'borrow' it back again, just to squeak through to the end of the month. Only in the last 6 months though.

Thing is, when I checked my balance mid-month to see how much I could 'lean' on the card this time, the automated voice told me that I was now over my credit limit and my last payment had been at the beginning of February.
"Ok", you say, "and what?"
Well, I had made my monthly payment, on time, at the beginning of March!
With my new job I had to pay over-the-counter at a different branch of Barclays Bank; and they had LOST my money. The immediate ramification was I now had the credit card chasing their money, plus I had been charged late-payment, and over-limit charges! Moreover, I now couldn't 'lean' on the card basically wiping out my budget for the last 2 weeks of this month!

Despite having a 4 day weekend this Easter, I went nowhere, as I had no money in my pocket and no fuel in the car. My saving grace has been, 4 days doing nothing, and raiding my penny jar yesterday. I now have £8 to live on till Friday; All food, travel and socializing!

There has to be a light at the end of this tunnel!

N.B. Barclays still don't know where my money went and I now have to make a double payment in April to cover the payment the credit card didn't get this month, further eating into the money I ain't got in the bloody first place..............


Monday, March 24, 2008

'Merry' Easter

Cold enough for you! Snow at Easter, whatever next.

I hope you boys and girls are having a pleasant Easter; better than my miserable weekend! With no money in my pocket and no petrol in the car, I've confined to the house, with the gogglebox as company. Not a major problem seeing as my Sky+ box was rammed full of unwatched shows. But with just £5 to get me through to this coming Friday and the fact that I enter the last month of my probation period at work, with me effectively not selling a thing during February I'm fearful that I have not done enough to keep my job! :(

At least Kimi Raikkonen provided a ray of sunshine on a dull weekend by storming to win the Malaysian Grand Prix early Sunday morning. It was well worth getting up at 6.30am for. It would of been a Ferrari 1-2 if Felipe Massa hadn't spun off the track whilst running in a comfortable 2nd place, next time. In further good news. the BBC acquired the rights to broadcast Formula One from 2009. ITV coverage has been dire from day one and I'm so happy they won't be showing it anymore. Hopefully ex-drivers Martin Brundle, Mark Blundell and Louise Goodman will be retained as the only ones on ITV at the moment who know what they're talking about!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Out in the big wide world

Like the mighty field mouse poking his twitching nose out of the burrow for the first day in months, the mid Sunday in February was literally my first social trip out since my birthday night out over a month before. Money and new job fatigue were the reasons why, but it was certainly about time as I was going stir crazy!

My darling lil sis had come up with the idea of visiting Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. I had heard of the place, but that was about all. I was up for the idea. As always; doing something new and different will always get me signing up 1st. I done my usual wikipedia search and was buzzed by what to expect; an open forum where ANYBODY could stand up and speak about anything he or she wanted.

As always it was good to see Sarah again, and we 'tubed' upto London's Hyde Park and just behind Marble Arch and the Speakers Corner, which was less of a corner and more of just an area of park where people congregated.

What became apparent after wandering back and forth between the 'speakers' was that that they all spoke on religion. And what I found fascinating was that people could debate, sometimes quite heatedly and passionately, without descending into violence. What also felt apparent was that the speakers themselves were regulars, coming every week to speak, and heckle each other. To me it was very bemusing, not believing in religion, but it was still very fascinating to hear the different points of view.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Confesions of an estate agent

For this story to make sense there are a few facts you need to know.

- My job is Mon - Fri, with a stint every 3rd Saturday, accompanied only by a young lass who, only, works Saturdays.
- My company has 5 offices, and I'm able to offer any property from any of those 5 offices.
- This all happened on the weekend I expected my pay cheque to have cleared. It hadn't so I had no money on me. Not a penny!

My 1st Saturday

I had only worked 2 weeks before I had to do a Saturday, and unlike during the week when there are 4 staff, for a Saturday, there is only 2; yourself plus Nikki, the Saturday girl. Obviously I had not met Nikki yet so did not know who or what to expect as I arrived for work that day. I was holding keys for a property in the Islington office, having done a viewing on one of their properties the previous day. I had a 12pm viewing near their office and intended to drop the keys back then.

Only 5 minutes into the day Islington rang saying that they had a viewing on the property I had the keys for, in an hour! Not knowing what to do I asked Nikki is she could cover my 10.30 appointment while I hotfooted over with the keys. On my way back I gets an angry call from my manager. Nikki could not get into the property and the office was not meant to by unmanned either! I picked up Nikki from the house, apologised to the viewers, whisked her back to the office where we discovered she had taken the wrong keys, having mistaken tag 13 for tag 18! I then rushed back to do the viewing only to find parking meters everywhere! I had no money on me so had to drive back to the office with the car and then run back to the house to do the viewing!

Once back I had to cover a viewing in Stoke Newington. The problem was when I got there in was all parking meters again so I had to park about a mile away and again run to the property. The keys were with the landlord and because, being new, I had no business cards, the landlord would not let me have the keys! Luckily, Toby from the Islington office was there too, and he vouched for me. I was 10 minutes late, but the viewer was later still. All which meant I was not going to make it back in time for the next viewing! I had to call Nikki and ask if she didn't mind breaking protocol again and leave the office unmanned to do my viewing.

I was not having a good day and I don't think I was making a good first impression on Nikki, everything was going wrong. Thankfully the rest of the day was smoother but there was still a lot of back and forth. Luckily Nikki and I had each others phone numbers now, and we used them a lot that day as we tried to recover.

After work, which was only 4 hours, the longest 4 hours of my life! I thought I would pop into my old office and say hello to the old crew. Everything was fine until i got onto the A406 to Barking. There was a massive traffic jam and it took me an hour to get from Redbridge to Ilford! And then the Ilford turn off was at a standstill! Obviously I had given up on going to Barking during my hour stewing in the jam but had to take the gamble of trying to turn around a Barking, hoping that the traffic would be lighter. It took another 30 mins to get to Barking, by which time I was so fed up with my day that I headed straight home. I finally got home at 4.45 after leaving work at 2pm. Plus because I had unexpectedly had no money I had not eaten a thing all day!!

I haven't even got round to telling you how I set the alarm off in a million pound house, which had a police response, and how my manager got shouted at by the vendor and had to spend most of the day tying to get reset code from the alarm supplier and how she is now the only person allowed to do viewings.....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The great payday debacle

Now those of you that know me, know that I am always banging on about how I am short of money 'this' month. Blah, blah! I know! Hopefully I will pass my probation and keep my new job, which if I bring in the same about of business in 2008 as I did in 2007 I can expect a 30% pay increase in '08 over '07. Fingers crossed!

Right now, I am out of money! Lol! But it was January's pay that wiped me out.......

Like most folks I was paid early in December, on the 21th in fact. I had to pay off for the France trip, buy Xmas presents and leave enough in the tanks to make my financial commitments in January. January is always a tough ole month for everybody, and for me it was to be 6 weeks without money coming in. So obvious I was quite desperate by the end, and it was with glee that I went to the ATM Jan 31st, only to find no money there!

I hastily rang my old company and was told that the last pay is made out in a cheque! Not a problem, 'If I had known!', but I have all of my direct debts set up to come out within the first 7 days of each month and with my bank needing 7 days to clear a cheque I was in deep doo-doo! Facing £200 in bank charges and my credit rating being thrown back into the dark ages, I was not happy! After half a day ringing around trying to find a solution, my brother, thankfully, stepped in and bailed me out, taking time out of his day to deposit enough money in my account to cover the bills. The cheque itself didn't ultimately clear until February 11th; 8 days after I took it to the bank, meaning I went 7 1/2 weeks between pay days!!!

I still incurred 2 bank charges; £60 down the crapper! Even worst still, I'm on flat pay till May, meaning I can't dig myself out of this hole till then. However back to my first paragraph; the future is looking bright!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Guess who's back? (Well sort of)

Hello! I'm still alive!

While the rest of the world works on reducing its carbon footprint I've working on reducing my 'cash' footprint. December's pay, paid for my ultimately expensive trip to France. January's pay covered Christmas (and there's a story behind that which come in a future post); and as I didn't work all of January (new job) I didn't get a full month's pay. And with February, March and April being my probation; I am/will be on on a wage equivalent to a semi-bad month in my old job. So not a lot of cash around for the first half of this year.

The other reason for me dropping off the radar is me, unashamedly, still struggling with the '5 day' run at work. Apart from a handful of times, I have always had a day off during the week. Only working 3 days then getting my day off and a lay-in, then working just 2 days before another rest day. Bliss! After *cough cough* years working that way, since school, I now have to adapt to doing 5 in a row! My body still feels like it needs its lay-in every Wednesday/Thursday, but instead I get up and go to work again for another 2/1 days. By the weekend I'm so overtired that the weekend is spent sleeping, and evenings, having dinner, then early night.

Its getting better though, no more headache or stars!

Tee Hee! In fact I've blown out Jason and John at badminton tonight because I was out till midnight last night, and today I was in bits.

However, the main reason I've blogged tonight is because the London Freewheel is back!; the free biking day where the roads of London are closed to all but bikes. Its on Sunday 21th September and you can sign up here. I know a lot of people missed out last year so sign up early.

Thanks Sarah for the heads up.

Until next time!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

My first week as a REAL Estate Agent


Well, I made it through. My first week in my new job, and it was a week of many ups and downs, all of them internal as I got to grips with my new environment.

This ain't Kansas anymore!

I am used to a paper based office; applicants filled out on cards and kept in a box on my desk. Viewings logged in a monthly book (with the month's applicants logged at the back), and the property information kept on files which had to be noted up with every viewing. Lots of writing and no computer in sight.
In my new job all of the above is recorded on computer, sitting on my desk and only for me to use (everyone having their own). Now I know computers aren't new, but as I said on my interview, "I've never used a computer to do my job". It all comes as a bit of a culture shock and will take a while to become intuitive.

How much?!

Now I knew going in that I would be selling more expensive properties now, but hadn't anticipated how the sizing up would actually feel. First of all if you are looking for a 3 bed house and can afford a budget of £850,000, then A, your gonna have a better job than definitely me, and probably anyone I've sold a house to before, and B, arguably cut from a finer cloth. The true shock came on my second day when I registered a lady looking for a house near a station and her budget was 1.6 (millions of pounds)!! I panicked and wondered if I had to pass this lady onto a manager or something, but no, these are the people I'm now here to help!

A deer in headlights

Needless to say I so far haven't been to anxious to take a look around some of these properties I'm supposed to sell, that all look like magazine specials. I asked jokingly if I need to curtsy when meeting the vendors! And I already find myself trying to speak as properly as I can on the phone and in the office as the people I've dealt with so far are extremely well spoken! I'll eventually get used to it all and soon wont pay it any mind; and 'yes', I know they're just people and 'yes', I know they're not better than me because they have money but you can't help but be a little circumspect the first time round.

Fingers crossed

It's all a little scary because I'm on probation and only have 3 months to prove that I'm good enough to be there. I'm the only one on sales in my office, but my manager can sell too plus there are 4 more offices in the company, and with the database being open to all, I'm actually in direct competition with every sales negotiator employed! No pressure. No longer do I have to just beat the guy on the desk next to me, but the guys in the other offices!

Long ole week!

I've never had a Monday to Friday job. Never! Well not till now that is. I am so used to having a day off every 2 or 3 days that my body just ain't built for the 5 day run. That's probably gonna be the hardest thing for me to adjust to. Come Friday last week I was dead in the water, and I have had no energy this weekend. The thought of having the work another 5 days before getting another day off has practically broken me already!

No pain, no glory!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The long, long road

This is my 250th post! Wowzers! Yay me!

I start my new job tomorrow and I am a little apprehensive. I did the journey run for the first time on Friday morning and took a lil look around my new 'patch'. Despite it being a little bit more 'inner city' than where I've been used to working, there is definitely an insular village feel to the area. In fact I been told by someone who lives around there that it is now known as Hackney Village.

This past month I've not been able to go out as my cash flow is lower than I've ever known it. I've not one penny in my bank (I lie really - I actually have 17 pennies!), my credit card is totally maxed out, so no leaning on it as I have been in recent months. I've actually squeaked through so far this month by spending my Christmas and birthday money, but even that's all gone now! I'm gonna have to go bowl in hand to somebody....

Also in both good and bad news, giving up my job has meant giving up my car which is good because I wouldn't even be able to put petrol in the bugger right now, also having no car helps to keep me 'hermit-fied' and conserve money over the next 6 months whilst I build a pipeline in my new job which will hopefully translate into an improved pay packet come June. The downside of having no car means I'm now 'hermit-fied'!! (with no money to boot!). The internet and my PS3 are likely to become my new best friends.

the space my car used to go in

I recently bought 2 Hedkandi albums seeing as I've now gotta do all my raving indoors; Hedkandi - The Mix:2008 (I've got Axwell's, I Found You, on constant repeat (choonage!)) then when I need the chill-out room and some mellow vibes I slap on Hedkandi - Kandi Lounge.


Last night I was out for my and fellow colleague Neil's leaving drink. He arranged it all so I can't really claim it to be mine, its just that any leaving drink I would of arranged, would of been on the same night and featured the same people. We went for dinner in the fish restaurant 'Ark' in South Woodford. I had a tasty bit of salmon. We finished of the night in Switch bar, formerly Jets. I'd never been either before but Switch is defiantly worth going to again. I lost my wallet last night and had to walk home (no money) but luckily I had left in someone car and I have it back now. I was worried for a bit there and couldn't sleep soundly.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The end of an era...

3 weeks ago I quit my job....

...and today was my very last day with my current employer. Although, it didn't blooming feel like my last day. The phone still rang just as much, the problems still spewing out of the earpiece with their everyday regularity. Seriously you would not believe the amount of ways buying a property can go, and does go wrong. The slogan 'Same shit, different day' really does apply in my job. Most folks will move twice, maybe 3 times in their lives, so every problem they encounter during a sale becomes very real and a mini disaster as the experience is either new to them or long forgotten since the last time. However, with me selling 8 properties a month on average, and with the gestation period for an agreed sale being 3-4 months, it can mean that I could be problem-solving for some 30 odd transactions at varying stages, all with vendors and purchasers with little or no experience in the conveyancing process but seem to feel they know more than me just because its their property that's involved. All whilst I'm trying to sell my next 8 properties!! Being an estate agent is more like being a counselor!

It was also with a very heavy heart that I had to say 'goodbye' to my car. And I'm not sad because I no longer have a car and will have to take public transport, but because I got attached to my little car. My little Corsa that I'd had since new last March. I'm gonna miss the little tike!

I start my new job on Monday, and its more of the same! I'll be working for a much smaller company, but in a more upmarket area so I will sell less, but with property prices being higher, I can make more per unit. Put it this way, moneywise, 1 sale in my new office is equivalent to 7 sales in my old office!!

So 'goodbye' and 'thanks' to the five years with my old company and 'hello' to my new job and new challenges.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Birthday, Birthday

As has become standard in the last few years I combined my birthday celebration efforts with my, slightly better looking baby sister, as her birthday falls 2 days before mine. I know I probably said this on my blog last year but its always worth saying; my birthday is part of what is a modern day Holy Trinity. In the Bible you have the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but now you have Christmas Day (Jesus' birthday (allegedly)), New Years Day (the year's birthday)and capping it all off, my birthday (naturally the most important of the 3!)

Some months ago Sarah had told me that she didn't want to do anything special for her birthday, a quiet drink with a few friend would suit her: and at the time I wanted to go to School Disco which has moved from Hammersmith to Kentish Town (I will still wanna go too!), but after Paris and Christmas wiped out my finances I had to scale my ideas back. At which point Sarah wanted now to make something of her birthday and set about organizing a night out.

In fact Sarah got fed up with the planning, as every planners nightmare kicked in, trying to please everyone, and eventually dumped than plans on my lap the day we were going out! I table an idea which became our night out. Start off in the George in Wanstead then onto O'Neils in Leytonstone. That move also drew Greg (Pimp Daddy Blanc) out for the night whom I hadn't seen in ages and ages.