Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dancing on the streets of London town

As is customary come August Bank holiday Monday, I was at the Notting Hill Carnival. After missing last year's it was certainly good to be back. We were all lucky enough to have good weather over the whole weekend which makes things that bit more pleasant.

As with every year I've been, Gregg was was my partner in crime; and also with every year we attempted to recruit some troops to share in the great time we always have. Gregg fared better than myself, bringing along Gigi and Ellie plus a couple of her friends. I convinced Sarah to come along but she could only spare a couple of hours.

With the company I had, the day fell into 3 chapters...

Chapter 1 was Sarah. It was good fortune she came because otherwise I'd would of been on my own for about 2 1/2 hours as Nikki (an old college chum I had also arranged to meet up with) and Gregg both arrived later than planned. As it was I spend 45 minutes alone after Sarah left. It was her first time and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed her time there.

Chapter 2 was Nikki. She arrived with her friends, many whom I'd met before many times. It was good to catch up and get some food at the same time. A short time later Gregg arrived with his collective and also took the opportunity to have lunch. The 2 groups separated never really being joined in the first place and I bid farewell to Nikki and went with Gregg and Co. We paused on the main road to watch some floats go by. Afterwards Gigi and the others found the crowds a bit too much and left me and Gregg to battle on while they searched out quieter waters.

Chapter 3, Gregg. As always seems to be the case it was me and Gregg that lasted to the end. We pressed on to Norman Jay's 'Good Times' sound stage and danced on and drank on till the music stopped at 7pm. From then on we wandered the streets, alighting when the mood or music took us. We finally left the area about 9pm, after an utterly enjoyable day!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The mighty field mouse!

At the moment I am like the mighty field mouse. With funds low I've had to hunker down and weather the storm. Pleasure/pain; I've enjoyed me holiday and now in the turbulent air behind it comes the pain. Firstly, and most obvious, the diversion of funds has left my pockets skinny at the tail end of the month and secondly, having a targeted sales job means that I have not hit target due to being away but also the knock on, is losing ground within the office, having to play catch up! But while the mighty field mouse fills his nest with all the food he'll need whilst holed up I've not been spared the same luxuries, no comfort food! D'oh!

Another similarity is both of us are well cute, with those big eyes and button nose!

I did however venture out Friday night down the Fairlop Oak for drinks. Cat had put the word out, initially for the purpose of seeing Vicky M and her baby, but it was not to be. Anyways there were plenty of folks out some it was a nice night out, all be it short, as Cat was feeling tired and had a wedding to go to on Saturday. Channa had come out too! The first time I had seen her out since the new year! We've been promised more of her over the coming months.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My weekend; 'Tarantino' stylee (all back to front y'all)

With all the recent excitement I missed Squish Pages 1st birthday! I know! Squish Pages turned one on August 17th and I missed it! I'll have to have a belated birthday celebration this coming Bank Holiday weekend once I've thought about what to do.

In the mean time.... I had me a rather busy weekend. On Sunday I had to go to a friend's (Ruth - I used to work with her at Barkingside) mom's stone setting. I was at the Jewish Cemetery up near Waltham Abbey and as it was my first time at a Jewish funeral I was unsure of what I should do and when. Her daughter, Laura, made sure I felt included telling me to stay near her dad for guidance. We first had to file into an oval shaped room, men one side, women on the other, then the Rabbi sang verses out of a book. After about 15 minutes of that we all ventured outside again, paid respect to the rose bush planted in Ruth's mom's honor, then onward to the grave stone. It was a huge, double width and made of white and black marble. The Rabbi did another verse joined in by a lot of the men, then everybody dispersed. Next stop, to Ruth's for tea. I had to pass because I was actually badly hungover after the Saturday night I had.....

....Guildford was the scene. Me, Dan H, Dan B and Gregg, the players. It was the do-over for the July attempt to meet up and 'wet' Dan H and Bec's son Harry. The added bonus this time, Dan H had had his birthday during the week. We all had dinner, then when to a pub named 'Pews' for drinks. And for the whole night the drinks kept flowing. After the pub was the club where there was more drinking. I thought I should slow down at this point as I had to drive early the next day but it was already to late. I was seeing double. And for the last 45 mins of the night I had to sit down. I was wrecked. The walk, (stagger) back to the hotel was a hoot too, but that's another story.

I know I've said it before but I'm never drinking again. I slept all day Sunday after returning home. Never again. Well until next time anyhoo.

Monday, August 20, 2007

How Squish (is trying) to get his groove back

One I've learnt this past week is that when you've spent almost 2 weeks lazing about laying on the beach and sipping on fruit punch, it's difficult to get back into regular life; you know the standard 9 to 5 (or 6 in my case). I've only just managed to squeak into work on time each day, thank God that the schools are on their summer break, making the roads quieter, because that's been my saving grace right now.

It hasn't taken me that long however to get back into staying up past midnight for no particular reason, usually falling asleep about 1am while watching one of my tv show box sets; House, Married with Children or the Animaniacs. And I wonder why I'm always so tired in the morning!

I returned to my Body Pump class and badminton on Wednesday, which feel great to be exercising again but I did ache Thursday and Friday which mean I must of hit the right spot!

And finally I attempted to watch Brokeback Mountain on Friday evening. It was on Sky, had won 3 Oscars, and I was aware that it was a love story between two cowboys. I gave it a go. I managed to get past the first sex scene as it was just short scene, mostly fumbling but moments later when it looked like the two guys where about to kiss I had to bail out! I'm not homophobic, but watching guys kiss! Not for me!

Thanks to The Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The pleasure/pain theory

Despite the fun my trip to Barbados was I was totally unprepared for the news that greeted me when I returned. My Grandfather had died whilst I was away. On August 4th, the very day my cousin married! The first thing that struck me was the timing... 4 1/2 years ago my Uncle died, aged 42, of a silent heart attack. He had died while my parents where on holiday. And I had to ring my Dad and tell him that his younger brother had died while still abroad because the funeral was planned for the day after he and my Mom would return.

My Granddad was buried on Tuesday and I had to take yet another day off from work at short notice. At 91 you can't say that he didn't get a good innings, but while death is part of life its always coupled with the shock and also the feeling of missing that someone who we will never see again. Unless of course you believe in afterlife. I for one am on the fence in that regard.

Nevertheless I hope your happily now in Heaven Granddad. Love you!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Take me home to me yard!

Hello all! Some of you may know, some of you my not, and some of you may not give a hoot!; but I just spent a week in Barbados. The birthplace of both my parents (Imagine that. Not all West Indians are from Jamaica!).

This was my first visit as a 'grown up', so at least I will remember being there this time. The purpose of the visit was not just vacation; my cousin was getting married! Well technically he was already married, doing so in his now home of the States to his university sweetheart, Hannah, back in may. However his dad, (my uncle) was/is quite poorly and couldn't travel to attend, so cousin Mark took a wedding celebration to him!

It turned out to be a second wedding, held on the beach, with the reception held under canopy next to the beach. And before you think it was some 2 bit, any ole beach affair, it was hosted at a hotel and fully catered! The date for the wedding was clearly chosen as my uncle celebrated his 80th birthday just days later, again a big lunch was laid on with all his children there, some who where grandparents themselves!

The rest to the time me and my mom (for that's who I went with) pottered around our all inclusive hotel (sunbathing (me only), eating), visited town a couple of times and walked around the local area. Needless to say, we have family there and did our best to see them as well. It rained for at least half of our stay there which pinned us to our hotel more than we'd liked but whatcha gonna do.

As for photos, my mom doesn't like being in them, so there aren't many of her. She's also rubbish at taking them (sorry Mom x), so they aren't many of me, soooo there's lots of scenery! Should help to give you guys a flavour of the place.

Only now reviewing the photos I took, just want to add that my aunt lives in the north and has a farm and shop, hence the animal pics :)

More pics here on Facebook.

Thanks also to wikipedia

Saturday, August 11, 2007

More than meets the eye

Well I'm back from my holiday to Barbados! It was fun. I went with my mom and had a really laid back and relaxing time. Different to any holiday I've had before, but still enjoyable. But to keep things in a chronological order I need to go back. Back two Friday's ago, and the last Friday of July.

I got to see a movie that quite frankly had me drooling ever since I'd heard of its existence 'Transformers'. Directed by Michael Bay, a director with an eye for high energy action (Bad Boys I/II, Armageddon, The Rock, The Island) and I was expecting great things. However I left the movie theatre slight disappointed thinking it was not Michael's best work, but with hindsight I've warmed to the film, looking equally forward to its 2 sequels, (when they arrive!)

Now, only 11 months to wait for my next pant wetting movie event; The Dark Knight