Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hi-Ho. Hi-Ho!/ Thoughts on a cracking Wimbledon


This week I returned to the workforce. Ironically with the same company that put boot to ass, just a short while ago. I have been welcomed back into the fold to work with my then manager, but in a new area, EC1; Barbican, Smithsfield, Clerkenwell. (I have grown to like the area already in my few days there).
I also have had to take up a new discipline; lettings! Probably the more lucrative field to be in during this credit crunch but still a field I have to learn. The motivations behind buying a property and just renting one for a year are poles apart, and I'll have to read them very quickly for I only have a 3 month, summer contract!
A job's a job though and hopefully I can exceed targets once more and show my worth.....


I know the Wimbledon tournament finished last weekend with a fantastic lady's and men's final (more on them later), but this was, for me, one of the best and more enjoyable tournaments ever. I made my 2 trips down to see live tennis, but being out of a job afforded me the added ability to watch many more matches on the gogglebox, and there were some humdingers!
And on the finals, I'm glad that after the match fixing slur that was leveled at the Williams sisters, they both came out swinging and proved that the match was won on the day, by the best player, and not over the breakfast table, like had been suggested from some quarters.
And on the men's final, I was saddened that Federer lost, for it meant there was a changing of the guard, a new world order. Nadal has been the only man in the last few years that could regularly worry Federer, but not on grass. Now, there is no surface that Federer truly rules. Nadal has been World Number 2 to Federer's Number 1 for the last 3 years, but with his winning head to head record against him the positions must now to be reversed.
In my book you cant beat the world's best player more times than he's beaten you and still be number 2!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The bat cometh

I am so excited about The Dark Knight movie that I am drooling like a new born baby about to suckle on a nipple. Heck, I'm drooling like I do at the thought of sucking on a nipple!

I can assure you that no one was as upset as me to learn that the inevitable sequel to 2005s Batman Begins would not be coming out till 2008! That was 3 years away! I can tell you that I uttered lots of naughty words. So many, in fact, that I've already booked my afterlife ticket to Hell.

2008 is now here, and The Dark Knight opens July 25th here in the UK (July 18th, one week earlier in the US), and 'watch out' the person who gets in my way of seeing it opening weekend!

If the mooted 3rd in the new franchised series does not feature director/writer, Chris Nolan; and Christian Bale, then I will be saying a lot more naughty words, especially if they say it will be another 3 years before it hits a movie theatre. That's 2011 people!

At times like this I have to listen to the Joker, 'Why so serious?'

Official UK site
Official US site

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Game, Set, Match

What a corker of a match Andy Murray had last night against Richard Gasquet. A nigh on 4 hour, 5 set match. Unfortunately I had to watch on TV but in week 1 of Wimbledon I saw some live tennis on the 1st and 2nd days of the tournament.
This was the first year I made a conscientious decision to go twice after last year my chosen day got rained out forcing me to make a second visit to see some tennis; and in 2006 I chanced on a second trip on the mid Saturday after finishing work at 5pm, and found myself buying a resale Court 1 ticket and watching Andy Murray beating Andy Roddick. Happy days!

I had company both days; Lucy and boyfriend Richard on the Monday, and Catherine on the Tuesday. Richard and Catherine were going Wimbledon for the first time, and I think they both enjoyed their day. And boy what a day; a 7am start to arrive in time to queue up to to get tickets. Imagine arriving in West London at 9.15am after 1 1/2 hour journey to get there and finding 6000 people in the queue ahead of you. Welcome to Wimbledon! Luckily, (I had actually been checking on the weather from 2 weeks before to ensure I picked the best days to go) the weather was fine all day and got to see 3 matches each day. Thoroughly entertaining! I definitely want to get onto the show courts next year and have checked on the prices; £500 - £23,000 (but start saving).