Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just sitting here a-flapping my gums!

I was in WHSmiths at lunchtime today and noticed the latest issue of 'Advanced Photoshop', a magazine aimed at computer artists and designers, with hints, tips and ideas on improving themselves. It was then I realised that I had lost my way with one of my New Years resolutions to get back into my art work. I had bought a new pad and pencils but so far there is only 1 doodle there.. I will need to refocus.

Its not gonna be that easy though with the new Tomb Raider game out tomorrow. It is a 're imaging' of the 1st and original game that came out a whopping 10 years ago! I have fond memories of this game; one of those landmark moments in life that stick with you long after they're gone. Like your first toy, or first holiday, or a song or book, movie or 'game'. I have to admit that I am looking forward to the new game, playing the levels again, all with a 2007 lick of paint on them!

From next week my office goes back to a 2 salesman office, because we lose new guy Abdul to the brand new Canning Town office, and revert back to the original dream team of me and Sunni. Our targets have changed accordingly which means I will now have to sell 9 properties a month, obtain 3 solicitor referrals and land 14 mortgage appointments (up from 7, 2, and 11)!! Wowzer!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cat's 21st

I know it was supposed to be a big day for Cat, but it was a big day for me too... It was my first ever time in a limo! Yay me! Cat had organised a double header birthday weekend with Tiger Tiger taking place on the Saturday with, the much more local, Faces taking place on Sunday, the actual day of her birth. Though Sunday's arrangement later became a meal in a restaurant.

I only made the Saturday night leg, and only just too. I thought the limo was gonna arrive at 7.30, but it was really coming at 7pm so I had to rush to make it. Cat had ordered a black limo but a white one arrived after the black one had broken down!

We arrived at Tiger Tiger, where Cat at arranged a dinner reservation plus booked a booth in the club itself. I thought the food was nice but the service wasn't even average. The club wasn't what I expected but was still quite good, with mostly commercial tunes keeping the patrons entertained. The six of us; Me, Sarah, birthday girl Cat, Emma, Denita and Vicky all partied the night away. I don't even think Emma sat down once all night, dancing to each and every tune that came on!

By 2.30 the effects of the drink and tiredness took hold and we jumped in the limo for the journey home. Emma was nice enough to drop everyone off home at the end of the night as she didn't drink

Happy birthday Cat! Mwah!

Loads more pics can be found here on my Facebook.

John and Lynsey's big day

I found Langdons quite easily I thought considering I had never been to Hornchurch before and had loose directions from Martin to turn right at the fork; apart from that I was basically using the 'force'. I was very surprised to see Phil again. Maybe the others knew, but I didn't know he was coming back from Hong Kong.

The service itself seemed over quickly, but later on that day someone told me they had gone for the concise version. Both bride and groom looked dapper, though I think Lynsey had a touch of the nerves during the service. The official photos were conducted outside in the grounds as we had nice warm weather that day. Once that was done everyone headed for the Cheery Tree pub in Rainham for the reception.

There was a rather tasty dinner laid on with the speeches being as concise as the wedding. Phil, Martin and Jason did a 'Best Men' speech, tag-teaming back and forth, doing a few lines each. Very good. Once the dinner was over the tables and chairs where swept aside to expose the dance floor for the '1st dance' and the disco.

It was a very good day and all the best goes out to both Lynsey and John. In a months time it will be the turn of Phil and Danielle, then that would leave me as the only one left unmarried from my male school chums!

Sadly I went and left me camera at home so had just me phone to take a few shots.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

How Squish got his groove back

Badminton night on Wednesday turned into another singles night as Phil was still in Hong Kong, Dave had hurt his knee and John was getting married the next day. So as it was only Martin, Jason and me turned up. In a complete contrast to the previous week, it didn't become and life threatening experience for me; I lasted the whole hour and won all of my games. In fact I won 2 games against Jason to 'love' (nought), and 1 against Martin! I'm back baby!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!

I did it! I finally made it back down the gym for the first time in 2 months! I did 25 minutes on the cross trainer then worked on my shoulders and arms. I guess the real test though will be if I can get up tomorrow morning. I have struggled so far to get up after badminton and steps last week and this, but now I can get back on track with my goal to become a beefcake like Eric Cartman. Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Once bitten, but not twice shy.

Last night us lads; John, David, Martin, Jason and me, were out for John's stag do. It wasn't the usual hedonistic affair that is the expected night's events, however it was still jolly good fun! I'm afraid the first part of the evening has to be shrouded in a veil of secrecy, however, I will say that God deserves a pat on the back for his idea when he asked Adam for one of his ribs! Nice one God!

Our next venue was an American diner in Chelsea called Big Easy. Now I've eaten in American styled diners before but the food here surpassed anything I'd had before. With rack of ribs on the menu the choice was easy to make (I LOUVRE the ribs), but I was not ready for the whole pig the arrived on my plate! Not to be defeated, I dived in. Yummy!

Martin had booked the restaurant but our booking had got lost so we didn't get a table till gone 9.30, so we only had time for the main meal as the last train home was our target. Good choice of eatery Martin, and congrats John.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I'll take my zimmer frame in white please!

On Wednesday I returned to badminton, unfortunately it turned out only John and David were there, which meant singles games all night. None of us are fans of the singles game due to the extra running around, but going back home wasn't an option so I had to get involved. I only played 2 games but during those games, my life flashed before my eyes; the sound of blood rushed through my ears. Bright flashing spots appeared before me and I saw a tunnel of light leading me skyward!

Well maybe I exaggerate a little, but I was pretty knackered and called timeout after just the 2 games, about 20 minutes of play. Maybe next week I'll do better..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gagarin Night

On Sunday I revelled in a other grand prix win for Ferrari and Felipe Massa, whilst lamenting that the other Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen pulled out with an electrical fault. Hopefully we'll get a Ferrari 1-2 very soon! Gregg had called me during the race but I ignored his call because NOTHING interrupts my Formula 1. Nothing!

I called him back later that evening and he wanted to invite me out. Unfortunately due to the hour I only had an hour lead time to get to west London, so I had to get my skates on!

Gagarin Night. That where we went, hosted in the Notting Hill Arts Club. It was my first visit there and I was a little shocked once I got inside; I was expecting a plush ultra modern venue, but instead it was a concrete walled and floored, cellar type affair. There were a number of bands on that night, obviously playing live music, but music with Gypsy origins. It was all highly entertaining with a marching band style group my favourite, playing the type of music you might hear in a Turkish or Greek environment. The night, for me, ended with a more soulful, jazz-like group with vocalist. The trumpet player of the group was a friend of Gregg's girlfriend, Gigi, which is how he learned of the night.

Sadly fatigue won once more and I left at 11, but it was a bloody good night out!

Mommy, wow! I'm a big kid now!

Last Friday night was the first night since coming down with chicken pox two weeks earlier, that I managed to stay awake past midnight! It was probably helped by the fact that it was also my first night out since getting sick too! Kirsty had extended an invite my way to go Jumpin Jaks in Basildon. Dave and Charlene were there too, also Kirsty's sister, Emily. The night started off well enough, I was buzzed to be back out enjoying the night out, but the DJ that night played a big bag of crap it seemed once it hit midnight. I hung in there as long as I could, but crap tune after crap tune wore heavy and I bailed out at 1am. I have to admit that I felt tired from 11.30 but I made it through the witching hour. Dave and Char left at 1 too as they had a wedding to attend the next day.

Emily,Charlene and Kirsty

Monday, May 07, 2007

Girls, girls, girls!

You gotta love em. Even when you hate them. Women. One of God's better inventions. He made them good to look at, fun to spend time with (when the sport is not on) and the best part; he made so many of them!

This past weekend I watched the movie, Final Destination 3, a mildly diverting film but spied this young lady in it. Without giving too much away she was one of two girls who burnt to death. Chelan Simmons. And before anyone asks, she's 25.

Recently Girls Aloud, the pop group, signed up to promote the brand Sunsilk, then they were seen out and about filming their part in an upcoming St Trinian's movie. Ordinarily I wouldn't look twice at them but as a collective they make a good looking bunch.

Christina Aguilera was snapped out and about this past weekend. Only a couple of paparazzi shots so far, but I hope there are some nice ones floating around somewhere, because she looks amazing in these...

And who could forget the lovely Jojo! Here are a few snaps of her at the Young Hollywood award show held just a short time ago.

Finally Hayden Panettiere at the Tribeca Film Festival;

'Oh boy! I can't feel my legs!'

thanks to and

The road to wellville

Well I'm still recovering from my chicken pox and now haven't been 'out' in over 2 weeks. Returned to work on Wednesday, enough of the massive scabs having fallen off for me to be able to shave my head and face. Fatigue has still been a factor though with me getting tired in the afternoons. Wednesday evening I went to bed at 8.30pm, Thursday I managed 10pm and Friday, 11pm. So I am handling my 'awake' time better each day.

I am still marked however, with my body still covered with white dots, some with dark rings as my skin trys to even out the colour. I think it quite likely that I will be left with some discolouration and pitted skin but hopefully my stunning good looks will be preserved!

I had the misfortune of having to work this bank holiday Monday. It started in fine form with me having to call the police after I seemingly upset 2 guys by asking them to move their car so I could park behind the office. Maybe I didn't give them enough 'respect' but they threatened me and told me to get out of my car, which I refused to do, then they tried to open the door themselves. They left as I started talking to the police, but not before spiting on the car and shouting that they would come back for me.

What a lovely world we live in!