Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Birthday to ya!

Sorry guys but I am absolutely useless with remembering birthdays. If you don't tell me when its coming up then there's no chance of me coming through. I even struggle with my own Mom an Dad's! I used to pop all the dates in me mobile phone, but as I upgrade every 9 months it would mean I would not be using the same phone and wouldn't have the information any more come the following year.
'What about using a diary?', I hear you cry.
Well as they found out in my old job, I've never used a diary so have never trained myself to look in a little book for numbers, names, address, places, dates or important events. So I would then need reminding to look in the diary, therefore, I would now need a diary to prompt me to use my diary. And for that I would need a diary......

Last Saturday we went out a meal to celebrate Jason's and Martin's birthday's. It was originally to be a dinner at the dog tracks with a spot of gambling afterward but unfortunately the restaurant needed booking months in advance and Jason could not get us a table. Michelle found the Clockhouse restaurant in Epping, and a good choice it was too. It was some cracking grub, yumtastic. It was also the first time I'd seen Martin in nigh on 6 months as he has been adjusting to being a new father.

Happy Birthday Martin.
Happy Birthday Jason.

Ooh, and a quick Happy Birthday to Sam, friend and new colleague . Love ya! xxx

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ha ha ha ha ha!

As of April 1st I had just £50 left in my account. Just £50 to get through to my next payday on April 28th. The bad news was (if that wasn't disastrous enough), that I still had a £45 mobile phone, £43 gym membership and £55 Sky subscription still to come out!!!!
As off today, though, things were looking far rosier. The mobile phone company had already had their money, so its just the gym and Sky to worry about. Down to £30 too.

My March credit card payment is still AWOL, however, Barclays are communication with the credit card company to find out where it went. In the mean time I have been told that I wont have to pay the penalty fines as I made the original payment in good time and in good faith.

Gotta laugh otherwise I'd cry.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Remember the name.

Crikey! Its almost a month ago but me and Channa popped along to see Cat singing in another showcase. This one was different though as she performed one of her own penned songs. Also it was her first time with a live band! She even launched her new stage name that night, which I forget! I've know her as Cat for so long that nothing else will stick.

These showcases are always great fun with the varying styles of music, performing styles and ages, there is really something for everyone, plus I enjoy being a groupie, cheering Cat on from the darkness, along with Channa of course. Your biggest fans.

I actually recorded Cat rather than took photos, but the videos are too big to be loaded here.