Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Its on!

This Thursday me and Kirsty head up to Leicester during 'Freshers' week at the uni to see Sarah and partake in a sample night out. Student stylee! Hopefully I get to leave work early so that the evening can get into gear that little bit earlier. I'm sure there will be lots of 'photo ops' and rest assured the best ones will be gracing this blog.

I also finally worked out how to edit the links on my page and have entered links to Kirsty's and Sarah's 'web spaces'. Welcome to my blog guys.

Party on dudes!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Crunch time

Payday at the end of the week. Yay! Into poor mode again (No going out. No hot meals, just bread and water, (made that one up). No treats like candy and cakes, (boo hoo!)). Made it an extra week into the month so that's got to be an improvement. It (payday) will also give me a very big answer; Can I afford to go to Australia?
Steve White, an old work colleague, recently emigrated there and on Oct 14th he gets married to fiancee Carley (an aussie, and cracking gal to boot) and me, with an invite only have next month's pay to cover - flight, accommodation and spending money! Sheesh!! So lots of penny counting and belt tightening to come. If I don't make it to Oz, well I've got Queenie's (Lucy) and Kinky's (Kirsty) birthday bashes to attend.

Also I've got one more week before a meeting with my regional manager for a performance review. I've been off all me targets year to date and the company are a bit concerned. They need 100% plus from all players and my 95% ain't cutting it, it seems. I am, though, on my way to my best overall monthly performance since joining the company so I hope its enough to turn the heat off.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sister, sister!

My 'sister' Sarah goes back to uni this weekend and I'll miss her cause she's cool and fab and groovy and has made this summer fun especially our trip to Cardiff and Bristol. With luck I'll be able to go and visit her at uni if she's not too busy with studies or sucking face with her boyfriend!

"How can she be your sister?" I hear you cry, "You is not even the same colour!"
Well 'Der' thick-o! We do not share the same mother or father, but instead, have a similar value system; sense of right and wrong, always doing the right thing and optimistic view of the world. It helps that we are also both Capricorns with our birthdays only 2 days apart. Sadly being older, life has jaded me somewhat but when I need to see what I've lost, I just turn to my 'lil sis' and the balance is restored.

Luv ya sis. Mwah!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My gaff, my rules!

Sorry to bang on again about Christina Aguilera, but as this is my blog, 'my online persona'; I'm allowed to voice my loves and hates. Brings me back to the great Xtina A. Don't really care for her music, but as a woman.....

[Its apparently web-equette to give props for photos taken from elsewhere on the web so, ta to Cliff Watts for taking the photographs and ta to phun.org, the forum where I got them. Ta to Christina for posing in them and ta to the pub landlord, Al Murray for me quoting him in my title. Ah-cheers!]

'We need some pictures!'

On Anon

Last night I met up with Gregg, His girlfriend Gigy, her twin sister and a couple of their friends in a bar just by embankment station. Well, outside it. It had more than a few outside tables and we enjoyed the evening drinking Portuguese rose wine and munching on cheese and French stick.


Once the bar had closed, the others took their leave and me and Gregg continued the night's festivities by going to the club On Anon. Drinking. Dancing. The usual club fare.

Center Point

At the bus stop on the way home, I saw a girl become the victim of an attempted bag-snatch. Her phone actually fell out of her bag so these two guys made off with that instead. It's likely that they are the same guys who stole Gregg's phone at the same bus stop earlier this year. Gits!

night scene

Gentlemen. Start your engines.

How do? On the Wednesday evening just passed, I blew out the guys and badminton night for some go-cart racing with some of the company's financial advisors. I got lost on the way down. Or more correctly, I knew where I was but could not find where I had to go! Nevertheless, I arrived just in time and suited up in overalls, helmet and gloves. There was 18 us in total and would get 4 races each, with a final for the best 10. I qualified 2nd for the final with a win, a 2nd place and two 3rd place finishes from a random starting spot each time. (One of my 3rd places was from last spot on the grid! Yay me!) I came 5th in the final after 11 laps in torrential rain, it ended up being less about speed and more about control. The less you spun, the higher you finished. We was all soaked through and covered in grim at the end of the night, but had fun all the same :-)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lets get physical!

Well, I returned to the gym on tuesday after taking a month away from it, due to being too tired from work (and maybe a lil lazy too). Thought I'd go for a calorie burn, ease back into it. Spent about an hour on the running machine, bike, cross trainer and rowing machine. 450 calories!! Takes 10 minutes to eat and an hour to get rid of. Now I know why gals are always dieting!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bitter sweet

Good and bad news today in my beloved motor sport world today. Michael Schumacher announced his retirement from active racing in Formula One, after 15 years in the premier category. He done so after winning the Monza grand prix. His 90th F1 win. A pretty sad day. Almost as sad as the day that Ayton Senna died. However he did win the race to move within 2 points of series leader Fernando Alonso (whom I can't stand), so 'good one'!

Also, in the IRL (the US's top open-wheel series) Brit, Dan Wheldon won the season finale, (to my great enjoyment); ending the season tied on top spot in points with Sam Hornish Jr. Unfortunately due to a count back on wins, Sam won the championship after taking 4 wins to Dan's 2 over the season. Bastard!

'Schumi, we'll miss you! Dan, better luck next year!'


Been a bit of a quiet one this week Back to work on wednesday, with a lot of ground to make up on the others. Sunny and Abdul both have clocked up a few sales this month, but I likes a challenge. At badminton there was only 3 of us; me John and Jason. Phil was late home from work, apparently. Was due to go Faces nightclub on Thursday with along with the lovely Hannah, but she had a bit of a temperature and was feeling a bit run down, but I did pop in and see her at work saturday. My lil 'sister' Sarah had a disaster, her trusty phone of 2 years broke down. Now we all know what it's like to be without a mobile in this modern era, so I lent her one of mine till she finds a suitable replacement.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Duvet time!

Today is the last of my few days off this week just to recharge, take a step back; some 'me' time, duvet time. Works been tough the last few months and apart from some long weekends I've had no time off this year and felt that I just needed a break. A change of scenery would of been nice, but you can't win them all!

The weekend was good! It was good to see Dan again and it was equally as good to have Dan B there too. Shame Gregg had to leave the night early. We went to a fancy looking restaurant that served food with a French bias. Nice food, wine, conversation, then onto a bar, Ha Ha's! Gregg as mentioned before left early and left just me Dan and Dan to party on. However the food alcohol and tiredness wasn't mixing well with me and had to leave the two Dan's to finish the night.

The next day, bright and early, headed into London to see Michelle and Lynsey run the Lucozade Hydro Active Women's Challenge. They did well, running 5 km in approx 48 mins. Well done girls! I saw in the paper the next day that Paula Radcliffe ran it in the 'slow' time of 18 mins because she was pregnant!, otherwise 14 mins is her usual time!?! Crikey!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

This weekend (in pictures)

1) Gigy, Gregg, Dan B and Anton
2) Gregg
3) Dan B
4) Dan and Gregg

5 & 6) random
7,8 & 9) Michelle and Lynsey (taller)
10) Lynsey, John, Michelle and Jason

Friday, September 01, 2006

Holy smokes! (part 2)

Christina Aguilera!


That friday feeling

The weekend once again. The mini holiday that gives you just enough respite from the harshness of working life that by the time monday comes around, well your just about ready to take on another 5 days of blood, sweat and tears. So lets just take a moment to tip our hats and say thanks to those 2 days; saturday and sunday. A-cheers!

I sadly work saturdays (arse!), but get a weekday off (less crowds y'all, banks open :-p). But this saturday I is gotta head straight from work to sunny Guildford to see Huggies. A birthday replacement weekend, because for his real birthday I forgot and poor Gregg was laid out with his back. Gregg and the ever funny Danny B will be there too, so a good night will be on alright. On sunday I've got to bid 'adieu' very early and head to London's Hyde Park to watch Michelle and Lydsey run 5km in a ladies only event (cameras at the ready!!). Don't know what event/sponsor it is but I'll be there cheering them on, plus any of the good looking ladies running. Woo-Hoo!