Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Maybe next time...

Myself and Jason (plus John) LOSERS!

It was a badminton clash of the titans. Two mighty teams locked in combat with only one victor! Sadly it wasn't me and Jas. John and Phil served up a 4-1 massacre. Me and Jason fought well though, throwing away winning advantages in all but one of the night's games. Next week, a new script.

John and Phil (plus the finger) WINNERS!


Jason said...

John and Phil were using performance enhancing drugs and poppers before last nights match. Also I'm sure I saw phil knock out a sneaky Ribenna when no-one was looking (Honest!)

I have made a formal complaint to the WWNBF (World Wednesday Night Badminton Federation) and they have been disqualified.

We were awarded the points, and scores now stand at 5 - 0 to the good guys!


Squish's Woman said...


Why didn't you call me Wednesday night?

squish said...

I you was really my woman you would know wednesdays is badminton nite!!