Sunday, August 27, 2006

Its gone pete tong! (with a silver lining)

Was to be beautiful. 'Get loaded in the park' music festival today on Clapham common, a stay over in a London hotel tonight; then wake up tomorrow ready for part 2, the Notting Hill carnival. But alas, with poor Gregg's bad back and my sensitive tum tum, the plans are off. Get well soon matey! However I have jack all money anyway and loads of dirty laundry (life!), so not all bad. Plus I get to go to my darling little sister-from-another-mother, Sarah's barbeque. YAYYYYY!


Jason said...

Mr Sacha...

It's not polite to mention your dirty washing in front of the ladies. Didn't your mum tell you to wear clean undies in case you got run over by a bus ;-)

I look forward to future blog entries, especially the one about how you get all hot and sweaty on a Wednesday night!!!

Q: Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff?
A: Tequila

Anonymous said...

Mrs Michelle says......

What's all this about a sister? Has your dad been up to stuff he shouldn't have been?

And do these young laydees go to secondary school yet?