Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas with Squish

Now I know I said this once before in an earlier post but I'll say it again, 'Christmas not only sucks, it blows too.' Over commercialized and full of fakeness! I guess I'm the only one, but I usually eat less over the festive season, not more. I'm not a big fan of the Christmas menu and can never wait to tuck back into my usual foods.

Now you might say, 'Boo! Bah humbug, you Grinch!', but you'd be wrong, because I love the giving part. I love knowing that I've got someone something that is needed and wanted. Plus I aways treat myself to a present, and this year it was my.... PLAYSTATION 3. Yeah baby!

As usual all my Christmas presents where bought just days before Christmas Day out of my December pay packet, and it was a successful shopping trip, gathering all the presents (bar mine) in one day!

My new nephew Tai, decided that he wanted to spend his 1st Christmas at home opening all his presents so went visiting on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day me and my Dad went round my brother's house for drinks and present opening. His partner's immediate family had made the trip too as had now become tradition. The rest of the day was spent getting to grips with my Playstation, now more of an entertainment system than a games console; what with a 40GB hard drive capable of storing any media I like, photos, music (burned off my CDs), movies etc. CD, DVD, and Blueray playback, and an internet browser (which obviously means downloadable possibilities). It was a good few hours before I actually popped in a game!

My next day out of the house was after Boxing Day when I went shopping with my lil sis, Sarah as she sought out an outfit for NYE and a new phone. Friday afternoon I had to go into work, only for a few hours. My next day out after that was on New Years Eve where I met up with Dan (Dan H not Dan B who came to Paris) and Gregg. We went to the Turner Prize Retrospective and then had lunch in Covent Garden at a pizza restaurant with a twist; toppings influenced by world cuisine. I had a crispy duck topping!

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