Sunday, January 06, 2008

Survivor. Estate Agent stylee

Two weeks before Christmas I had a bombshell dropped on me at work. A chain of events were put in motion which could of cost me my job! Our Ilford office is a hulking great Georgian building over 3 floors, which at one time was utilised fully, but now 3/4 of the building lies unused; but the company still had to pay rent on the whole thing. A cost which has, from a business sense, ceased to make sense. So on 21st December that office closed its doors and transferred itself wholesale to our Barking office. The situation of 2 office Managers was resolved conveniently by the Barking Manager resigning in November (for an unrelated reason).

The new Barking/Ilford office only needed 2 sales consultants, however; Barking had one (me), and Ilford had 2. So in mid December we 3 were told that one of us would be made redundant, immediately, in a process that would review our last 6 months performance and discard the worse performing consultant. For a whole week we 3 worried whether we would have a job come Christmas, and it was not a nice feeling wishing ill on one your co-workers just so you could keep your job. Ultimately the axe never swung because elsewhere in our region someone took a career sideways step, decreasing the headcount by one and effectively taking the pot off the boil.

I got to keep my job, as did the other two, and now we are all working out of the improved Barking office(/Ilford). Yay!

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