Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another month, Another money malady!

Is it just me or do you guys get financial mishaps as well? Shesh!

Listen to this one...

Like most folks who have a credit card, I get a statement through every month with a 'payment due' slip at the bottom, which when I pay it keeps 'the man' happy for another month. Having got behind with my credit cards once before a few years ago, I am at great pains not to let this happen again, and make my payment each month like a good little boy. I do then have to 'borrow' it back again, just to squeak through to the end of the month. Only in the last 6 months though.

Thing is, when I checked my balance mid-month to see how much I could 'lean' on the card this time, the automated voice told me that I was now over my credit limit and my last payment had been at the beginning of February.
"Ok", you say, "and what?"
Well, I had made my monthly payment, on time, at the beginning of March!
With my new job I had to pay over-the-counter at a different branch of Barclays Bank; and they had LOST my money. The immediate ramification was I now had the credit card chasing their money, plus I had been charged late-payment, and over-limit charges! Moreover, I now couldn't 'lean' on the card basically wiping out my budget for the last 2 weeks of this month!

Despite having a 4 day weekend this Easter, I went nowhere, as I had no money in my pocket and no fuel in the car. My saving grace has been, 4 days doing nothing, and raiding my penny jar yesterday. I now have £8 to live on till Friday; All food, travel and socializing!

There has to be a light at the end of this tunnel!

N.B. Barclays still don't know where my money went and I now have to make a double payment in April to cover the payment the credit card didn't get this month, further eating into the money I ain't got in the bloody first place..............


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Greg said...

Barclays you say? Give me £20 ill sort it out.