Saturday, March 22, 2008

Out in the big wide world

Like the mighty field mouse poking his twitching nose out of the burrow for the first day in months, the mid Sunday in February was literally my first social trip out since my birthday night out over a month before. Money and new job fatigue were the reasons why, but it was certainly about time as I was going stir crazy!

My darling lil sis had come up with the idea of visiting Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. I had heard of the place, but that was about all. I was up for the idea. As always; doing something new and different will always get me signing up 1st. I done my usual wikipedia search and was buzzed by what to expect; an open forum where ANYBODY could stand up and speak about anything he or she wanted.

As always it was good to see Sarah again, and we 'tubed' upto London's Hyde Park and just behind Marble Arch and the Speakers Corner, which was less of a corner and more of just an area of park where people congregated.

What became apparent after wandering back and forth between the 'speakers' was that that they all spoke on religion. And what I found fascinating was that people could debate, sometimes quite heatedly and passionately, without descending into violence. What also felt apparent was that the speakers themselves were regulars, coming every week to speak, and heckle each other. To me it was very bemusing, not believing in religion, but it was still very fascinating to hear the different points of view.


Greg said...

You dont believe in religion? How can you not, there are religions all over the place you wally. I think you mean your not religous. Honestly, not believing in religion, crazy I tell you, what do you think those big buildings with crosses are.

I go to speakers corner quite often, its a giggle, plus I have been to a few protests, unfortunately none of them have descended into riots yet, but my time will come. Vive la revoluzion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

squish said...

What are you, my editor!
Thats right. I dont believe in religion; its just the oldest form of crowd control.
How best to keep the masses in check? Tell them if they dont live right and honour some omnipotent being, that they will end up in purgatory.
And I thought those buildings with crosses on were hospitals.

Vive la revoluzion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!