Sunday, November 18, 2007

Work Xmas do (well my old office)

Well, the holiday season kicked into gear for me on Friday night when I went to the office Christmas meal, but it was my old office in Barkingside. Their invite went out, as usual, to not only the current roster of staff, but also also old staff members now in other offices. That meant that 80% of Ilford's office was there to.

We went to a Greek restaurant in Gants Hill, Appollina. I had been there before but under its previous guises of Meze Meze and Mythos. The host office had prepared for the night by leaving the following day's diary empty so that the night could be enjoyed to its fullest. I drove so 1/2 a glass of wine was my limit.

There was a DJ/singer who entertained us whilst we ate then later on came some entertainment in the form of dancers; a guy who danced while balancing a stack of glasses on his head, then a belly dancer (who might I add was absolutely gorgeous) who dragged a number of guys up to dance with her in turn, but I was her first!

By the end of the night it all went the disco route, with everyone on our table dancing (we were also by far the loudest group). The night all wrapped up about 1am.

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