Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A lil bit of this, a lil bit of that!

Last Tuesday afternoon I got a call from my music teacher from school, Mr Garner, its concert time again and he wants me to help his chior out in the 'Christmas with the Stars' concert again, plus the Caterham Christmas concert.

Last Wednesday day I got paid. Woo-hoo! By Friday after all the bills I only had £150 left. D'oh!!

Also on Wednesday I passed up on going body pump (as I felt too tired for the body pump/badminton double), took a lil nap instead but failed to wake in time to go badminton, Oops.

On Thursday evening Gregg invited me to join him for an 'invite only', Ted Baker sale evening, with complimentary drinks and 20% off everything. As you know I'm never one to pass up a new experience, so went along. I did buy something. A black shirt; £75 (before discount)!!

Saturday was firework night and as usual my brother, Shaun, hosted the fireworks but at a new venue; my other brother, Brian, had the night at his new house (only bought 2 months before). Brian laid on the barbecue while Shaun handled the light show. Shaun always gets professional fireworks and it took a few attempts to find the balance between spectacle and life saving body swerves! To close the night he brought a firework named 'When Roswell Attacks!'. It cost £75 and was 3' across and 1' deep! This monster started off sane enough with gentle spiralling whizzes, but about a minute in the was an almighty scream as the main body of the firework ignited. The UFO shaped disc shot up into the air, leaving behind a smoke trail, and when it reached a point higher in the sky than I've seen any firework, it exploded and lit up the sky. Very impressive. My spiritual sister, Sarah, come along for the night too.

Sunday I went shopping down Bluewater with work friend Melissa. I wanted to get a cardigan as I've decided to jump on that bandwagon. I also ended up buying an Armani jumper and a Reiss top as well. I only spend a quarter of what Melissa spent thou; she bought 2 suits, a black skirt, a pair of boots and a Calvin Klein overcoat (that even with a 10% discount for a missing button, still cost over £200).

Monday at circuit training I wanted to give 100% to each minute of the 13 exercises we have to perform but 4 from the end of the 2nd set I ran out of steam and didn't have the energy to lift my arm, let alone do a minute of squat thrusts! The instructor also made us do deadlifts. My back is still hurting from it now! Also met up with Channa in the gym afterward but had no energy still to work out, so chatted instead.


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