Sunday, August 26, 2007

The mighty field mouse!

At the moment I am like the mighty field mouse. With funds low I've had to hunker down and weather the storm. Pleasure/pain; I've enjoyed me holiday and now in the turbulent air behind it comes the pain. Firstly, and most obvious, the diversion of funds has left my pockets skinny at the tail end of the month and secondly, having a targeted sales job means that I have not hit target due to being away but also the knock on, is losing ground within the office, having to play catch up! But while the mighty field mouse fills his nest with all the food he'll need whilst holed up I've not been spared the same luxuries, no comfort food! D'oh!

Another similarity is both of us are well cute, with those big eyes and button nose!

I did however venture out Friday night down the Fairlop Oak for drinks. Cat had put the word out, initially for the purpose of seeing Vicky M and her baby, but it was not to be. Anyways there were plenty of folks out some it was a nice night out, all be it short, as Cat was feeling tired and had a wedding to go to on Saturday. Channa had come out too! The first time I had seen her out since the new year! We've been promised more of her over the coming months.

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