Monday, August 20, 2007

How Squish (is trying) to get his groove back

One I've learnt this past week is that when you've spent almost 2 weeks lazing about laying on the beach and sipping on fruit punch, it's difficult to get back into regular life; you know the standard 9 to 5 (or 6 in my case). I've only just managed to squeak into work on time each day, thank God that the schools are on their summer break, making the roads quieter, because that's been my saving grace right now.

It hasn't taken me that long however to get back into staying up past midnight for no particular reason, usually falling asleep about 1am while watching one of my tv show box sets; House, Married with Children or the Animaniacs. And I wonder why I'm always so tired in the morning!

I returned to my Body Pump class and badminton on Wednesday, which feel great to be exercising again but I did ache Thursday and Friday which mean I must of hit the right spot!

And finally I attempted to watch Brokeback Mountain on Friday evening. It was on Sky, had won 3 Oscars, and I was aware that it was a love story between two cowboys. I gave it a go. I managed to get past the first sex scene as it was just short scene, mostly fumbling but moments later when it looked like the two guys where about to kiss I had to bail out! I'm not homophobic, but watching guys kiss! Not for me!

Thanks to The Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia

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