Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My weekend; 'Tarantino' stylee (all back to front y'all)

With all the recent excitement I missed Squish Pages 1st birthday! I know! Squish Pages turned one on August 17th and I missed it! I'll have to have a belated birthday celebration this coming Bank Holiday weekend once I've thought about what to do.

In the mean time.... I had me a rather busy weekend. On Sunday I had to go to a friend's (Ruth - I used to work with her at Barkingside) mom's stone setting. I was at the Jewish Cemetery up near Waltham Abbey and as it was my first time at a Jewish funeral I was unsure of what I should do and when. Her daughter, Laura, made sure I felt included telling me to stay near her dad for guidance. We first had to file into an oval shaped room, men one side, women on the other, then the Rabbi sang verses out of a book. After about 15 minutes of that we all ventured outside again, paid respect to the rose bush planted in Ruth's mom's honor, then onward to the grave stone. It was a huge, double width and made of white and black marble. The Rabbi did another verse joined in by a lot of the men, then everybody dispersed. Next stop, to Ruth's for tea. I had to pass because I was actually badly hungover after the Saturday night I had.....

....Guildford was the scene. Me, Dan H, Dan B and Gregg, the players. It was the do-over for the July attempt to meet up and 'wet' Dan H and Bec's son Harry. The added bonus this time, Dan H had had his birthday during the week. We all had dinner, then when to a pub named 'Pews' for drinks. And for the whole night the drinks kept flowing. After the pub was the club where there was more drinking. I thought I should slow down at this point as I had to drive early the next day but it was already to late. I was seeing double. And for the last 45 mins of the night I had to sit down. I was wrecked. The walk, (stagger) back to the hotel was a hoot too, but that's another story.

I know I've said it before but I'm never drinking again. I slept all day Sunday after returning home. Never again. Well until next time anyhoo.

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