Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jojo, Hayden, Amanda

Happy Halloween!!!

Its been a long while since Joanna 'Jojo' Levesque has appeared on these hallowed pages of Squish. Its been a slow year in fact. She spent the beginning of the year touring Europe, then it seemed went on a US tour. Plus a lot of her fan site have disappeared from cyberspace limiting the the amount of outlets I have to gather photos (in addition, her own official website has sprung up since the toppling of some of the big fan sites, but it seems to only pay lip service to her). Also, I guess in an attempt to control her own image a lot of her recent photoshoots have been heavily watermarked or only available in LQ. (I hate LQ pics. Even MQ irks me. Its HQ all the way baby!)

I found these pics of her recently and have been wanting to put them here for a while, so now's my chance. I believe they come from Us Weekly's celebration of fashion week on 13th September 2007.


It doesn't just stop there. Oh no! Hayden Panettiere. What a fox! After spending the off season travelling the globe with her Heroes co-stars promoting the show and collecting award after award, she is now back filming season 2. Just a week and a half ago, yet another award show, the Spike TV Scream Awards, and she was in this fantastic gold dress. No photos yet of her red carpet arrival, but here is a few of her on stage during the show.

'Oh my!"

Amanda Bynes has recently moved into my radar but I had never actually seen her in anything, so this past week I watched her movie 'She's the man' on Sky TV. Call me a soppy git but I really enjoyed the movie and thought Amanda was a absolute riot! That DVD is now on my shopping list! Early August she had the launch of her new clothing line, and follows are a few pics from that day. I've read a comment on a forum that says she looks like a real life blow up doll! Hmmmmmm!

"My leg have just gone numb!"

I can't quite remember where on the world wide web I found this collection of photos but thanks to all original posters and uploaders.

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