Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Interlude/ Paris, France (day 3)

Well hello! Sorry for the interruption but a minor yuletide festival got in the way. I don't really care much for Christmas; it feels like the world grinds to a halt and every day feels like a Sunday. And Sundays are always the slowest, dullest day of the week (for me anyway). Christmas for me means; lots of time with my Playstation. Yay!

Sadly, I was in the middle of recounting my France trip when St Nick rudely interrupted, so in my infinite anal retentive need to keep Squish Pages in event order, I need to finish my French story before I can get into the other fun stuff that has happened to me this December. Even more daunting is the fact that we (myself, Gregg and Dan) were in France for 6 days :- Saturday through Thursday, and I'm only up to Sunday.... Which means I've gotta 'flood' my blog today.

Hopefully I can stick with it because this is gonna take allllllll daaaaaayy!.......


We 3 awoke early(ish), for this was the day we were to visit our first architect driven building, but first, breakfast at the Sacré-Cœur. We grabbed a few daytime shots then attempted to unearth Jim Morrison's grave (I made a funny) after being told it was in the vicinity. After some wandering around we found the cemetery but it was the wrong one! Jim Morrison was on the other side of town, too far away for us to get to in our timescale. Gregg filled the hole with an impromptu visit to a house of interest that was ultimately back near the Sacré-Cœur.

From there we headed to the train station that would take us to Poissy, a Paris suburb and home of the Villa Savoye. The train out was one of those double decker numbers (they are WELL cool). A short cab ride took us to the Villa Savoye, but we were not there long to realise that the house was closed. Gregg's book stated that the house was closed every Tuesday, in fact it was closed every Monday. D'oh! We walked back to the station and returned to Paris with a very dejected Gregg; he was really looking forward to seeing the Villa Savoye.

By now it was 3pm and Dan and I decided it was a good idea to visit the Louvre, an attempt to salvage the day. Gregg at first still wanted to see some buildings and was to head to south Paris on his own to find one, however with time against him he settled on the Louvre. Despite there being notices everywhere the said 'no photography', pretty much everyone else were taking photos - so we did too!

The Eiffel Tower was our next destination, so we had only brief 3 hour stay at the museum (believe me, the place is so vast that it would need a whole day just to visit every room in there!). We took a walk to the bottom of the Champs-Élysées to catch a train to the tower.

'Three tickets to the top please.' It seemed a good idea at the time but my nerve went on the lift ride to the 1st level. And that's where I stayed. My fear of heights took me no further. Dan and Gregg went to the top and reported that it was deathly cold and windy up there. Our bellies were grumbling by now, and we went for dinner. After the previous night's dinner debacle, we stayed out and ventured to an area named République, kind of like Shorditch is in London, famed for the trendy bars and restaurants. (Incidentally we went to eat in République twice during our stay, and both times was the worst food of the trip)

As always, much love goes out to 'Oh great and wise leader!"

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