Friday, December 21, 2007

Paris, France (day 2)

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'Sleep when you die!' One of Gregg's favorite lines and the motto to live by when with him. We awoke Sunday in time to get our complimentary breakfast which was disappointingly just bread, (French stick bread, as we were in France. Der!) jam, juice and hot chocolate! Not the breakfast of champions but it was all we had. We were harried out of our room, an hour past check out, and went to find the nearest internet cafe in order to book our next 2 nights stay in Paris as we had decided to head for the Swiss border on Tuesday. (More on that later).

As we were in the area, Dan, Gregg and I went to the Pompidou and saw an exhibit for the architect, Richard Rogers. Whilst walking round I started to flag, maybe from hitting it too hard that first night, and had to sit, as my eyes threatened to close. The call came through, during that time; we could have the apartment for 2 nights, Sunday night and Monday night; all we had to do was meet up and collect the keys. Once there we were able to spread ourselves a bit knowing we had the place all to ourselves and could come and go as we please. Next stop; Sacré-Cœur.

By now it was about 5pm and I was moaning about being hungry as we hadn't eaten since breakfast, so we stopped in a small bar that did food, and cracking food it was too. Definitely pushed the needle back to full. Once done, we continued on. Sacre Coeur is a Catholic church perched atop a hill in the north of Paris and has some great views. When we got there it was evening mass and it was absolutely fascinating to observe the congregation in worship; crossing themselves and praying to statues of Jesus and Mary, and in the main hall the service itself with a nun singing the most serene of hymms. The building itself is breathtaking in its size and beauty.

The rest of the night was spent wasting time playing on the PSP and DS, dozing then venturing back out all too late to find someplace open where we could have dinner. By 1am we had run out of places to look and had to eat KFC, much to Gregg's chagrin as he hates fast food.

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Greg said...

I like the sacre-couer, picturesque it is. Much love.