Friday, December 07, 2007

Guess who's back!

Hey there folks! Some of you may know bu I guess most of you don't but I've just come back from a 6 day trip to France. I had a fab time, but in an effort to keep squish pages in chronological order I've gotta first take you back a couple of weeks to something that happened at work...

...I've been debating whether I should mention this on an open forum but seeing as this blog is about 'me and my happenings', this is a happening that can't be ignored. I will have to be light on facts but the story will still be impactive.

As mentioned in a previous entry, we at work get a lot of repossessions, most don't take place as the client gets a last minute reprieve I guess by making good the outstanding mortgage. However about 2 weeks ago one took place; owner evicted, locks changed, keys given to us. As procedure, we have then to visit the property to give the bank a guide price for its resale; the bank also get a couple of independent valuations. On one such visit it was found that the locks had been changed, the property possibly broken into. The locksmith who came to change the locks again told us that the first locksmith one repossession day had found a pile of about 30 VHS videos near the TV and had played one, finding child pornography on it. He told his colleague who told us; which we then went to the police with. An accusation such as this always needs checking out and the police took a visit to the flat. By coincidence the guy was trying to get (break) back in, so the police had just cause to enter the flat (as they had the real keys). A search of the flat gave them cause for concern, and after reviewing the the tapes and hard drive of his computer they found enough to formally charge the guy with multiple counts of pedophilia! Scary huh?

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