Monday, May 28, 2007

John and Lynsey's big day

I found Langdons quite easily I thought considering I had never been to Hornchurch before and had loose directions from Martin to turn right at the fork; apart from that I was basically using the 'force'. I was very surprised to see Phil again. Maybe the others knew, but I didn't know he was coming back from Hong Kong.

The service itself seemed over quickly, but later on that day someone told me they had gone for the concise version. Both bride and groom looked dapper, though I think Lynsey had a touch of the nerves during the service. The official photos were conducted outside in the grounds as we had nice warm weather that day. Once that was done everyone headed for the Cheery Tree pub in Rainham for the reception.

There was a rather tasty dinner laid on with the speeches being as concise as the wedding. Phil, Martin and Jason did a 'Best Men' speech, tag-teaming back and forth, doing a few lines each. Very good. Once the dinner was over the tables and chairs where swept aside to expose the dance floor for the '1st dance' and the disco.

It was a very good day and all the best goes out to both Lynsey and John. In a months time it will be the turn of Phil and Danielle, then that would leave me as the only one left unmarried from my male school chums!

Sadly I went and left me camera at home so had just me phone to take a few shots.

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