Monday, May 07, 2007

Girls, girls, girls!

You gotta love em. Even when you hate them. Women. One of God's better inventions. He made them good to look at, fun to spend time with (when the sport is not on) and the best part; he made so many of them!

This past weekend I watched the movie, Final Destination 3, a mildly diverting film but spied this young lady in it. Without giving too much away she was one of two girls who burnt to death. Chelan Simmons. And before anyone asks, she's 25.

Recently Girls Aloud, the pop group, signed up to promote the brand Sunsilk, then they were seen out and about filming their part in an upcoming St Trinian's movie. Ordinarily I wouldn't look twice at them but as a collective they make a good looking bunch.

Christina Aguilera was snapped out and about this past weekend. Only a couple of paparazzi shots so far, but I hope there are some nice ones floating around somewhere, because she looks amazing in these...

And who could forget the lovely Jojo! Here are a few snaps of her at the Young Hollywood award show held just a short time ago.

Finally Hayden Panettiere at the Tribeca Film Festival;

'Oh boy! I can't feel my legs!'

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Sarah said...

hey hey! i just foind out that hayden girlie was maddie in ally macbeal! she looks a lot different now! [she was 13 when she was ally's daughter in the best show on the planet] i can just about see the likeness now but she wearing soo much flippin make up who knows what she REALLY looks like..!