Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gagarin Night

On Sunday I revelled in a other grand prix win for Ferrari and Felipe Massa, whilst lamenting that the other Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen pulled out with an electrical fault. Hopefully we'll get a Ferrari 1-2 very soon! Gregg had called me during the race but I ignored his call because NOTHING interrupts my Formula 1. Nothing!

I called him back later that evening and he wanted to invite me out. Unfortunately due to the hour I only had an hour lead time to get to west London, so I had to get my skates on!

Gagarin Night. That where we went, hosted in the Notting Hill Arts Club. It was my first visit there and I was a little shocked once I got inside; I was expecting a plush ultra modern venue, but instead it was a concrete walled and floored, cellar type affair. There were a number of bands on that night, obviously playing live music, but music with Gypsy origins. It was all highly entertaining with a marching band style group my favourite, playing the type of music you might hear in a Turkish or Greek environment. The night, for me, ended with a more soulful, jazz-like group with vocalist. The trumpet player of the group was a friend of Gregg's girlfriend, Gigi, which is how he learned of the night.

Sadly fatigue won once more and I left at 11, but it was a bloody good night out!

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