Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just sitting here a-flapping my gums!

I was in WHSmiths at lunchtime today and noticed the latest issue of 'Advanced Photoshop', a magazine aimed at computer artists and designers, with hints, tips and ideas on improving themselves. It was then I realised that I had lost my way with one of my New Years resolutions to get back into my art work. I had bought a new pad and pencils but so far there is only 1 doodle there.. I will need to refocus.

Its not gonna be that easy though with the new Tomb Raider game out tomorrow. It is a 're imaging' of the 1st and original game that came out a whopping 10 years ago! I have fond memories of this game; one of those landmark moments in life that stick with you long after they're gone. Like your first toy, or first holiday, or a song or book, movie or 'game'. I have to admit that I am looking forward to the new game, playing the levels again, all with a 2007 lick of paint on them!

From next week my office goes back to a 2 salesman office, because we lose new guy Abdul to the brand new Canning Town office, and revert back to the original dream team of me and Sunni. Our targets have changed accordingly which means I will now have to sell 9 properties a month, obtain 3 solicitor referrals and land 14 mortgage appointments (up from 7, 2, and 11)!! Wowzer!

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