Monday, May 28, 2007

Cat's 21st

I know it was supposed to be a big day for Cat, but it was a big day for me too... It was my first ever time in a limo! Yay me! Cat had organised a double header birthday weekend with Tiger Tiger taking place on the Saturday with, the much more local, Faces taking place on Sunday, the actual day of her birth. Though Sunday's arrangement later became a meal in a restaurant.

I only made the Saturday night leg, and only just too. I thought the limo was gonna arrive at 7.30, but it was really coming at 7pm so I had to rush to make it. Cat had ordered a black limo but a white one arrived after the black one had broken down!

We arrived at Tiger Tiger, where Cat at arranged a dinner reservation plus booked a booth in the club itself. I thought the food was nice but the service wasn't even average. The club wasn't what I expected but was still quite good, with mostly commercial tunes keeping the patrons entertained. The six of us; Me, Sarah, birthday girl Cat, Emma, Denita and Vicky all partied the night away. I don't even think Emma sat down once all night, dancing to each and every tune that came on!

By 2.30 the effects of the drink and tiredness took hold and we jumped in the limo for the journey home. Emma was nice enough to drop everyone off home at the end of the night as she didn't drink

Happy birthday Cat! Mwah!

Loads more pics can be found here on my Facebook.

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