Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The bank card fiasco!

Let me take you back to July and the start of this story. In July I had taken a lot of cash out of my account in one go, what with my 2 weekends away (Ibiza and T4), and for the most part after that I lived on my credit card having blown all of my meager wages by week 3. Hence, my pin number slipped from memory from lack of use. I ordered a new pin in time for August, but then came the Barbados trip. I hadn't had enough time to memorize the number so when I returned I proceeded to input the wrong pin code into ATMs over the following weeks. "Why not just look again at the new given pin number?" you ask, because I'd blooming lost the slip!

My 3rd and final strike came last Friday morning; payday. 'No big issue, I thought. 'I'll just pop into the bank, draw a weeks worth of cash out, and order a new card and pin'. To my horror I learnt that without a card I could only withdrawn £50 per day. Which did me no good as I had a credit card bill and BT (phone) bill to pay that day. Luckily Sunny at work borrowed me some money to save me from defaulting on my bills. Each day now I've had to journey to Gants Hill just to get my £50 pocket money. Hopefully my card will arrive soon because the car is running out of petrol and the bills have taken priorty! Eek!!

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