Friday, September 14, 2007

Knocked up in the O2

I really wanted to see the movie 'Knocked Up' after seeing some really positive reviews around town, a successfully rounded up a small troop to come with me to see it: Sarah, had heard of it but didn't really fancy it. Channa, again, had heard of the film but didn't mind seeing it. Mel, er... she said yes straight away.

I got my choice my venue too. I had been longing to see a movie at the Vue O2 for a while, and my suggestion of going there met no objection. Two for two! I did strike out on mode of transport though. After sorting out meeting times to catch the tube to the Dome, Channa chipped in the she wanted to drive as she hated tube travel. I was unsuccessful of changing her mind. So a quick reshuffle we needed.

We arrived deliberately early to check out a few of the bars but I ended up getting a bite to eat in a Frankie and Benny's whilst the girls all went straight to dessert!

I think everyone enjoyed the film but I had to turn away from the screen toward the end of the movie and the 'crowning' scene! It re enforced my wish never to have kids, and if it does happen, to be down the pub at the birth and nowhere near the horror that is child birth!

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