Sunday, September 09, 2007

The lure of the fire water

I guess I'll live to be a hundred and still not truly understand the attraction of consuming large quantities of 'falling down juice' then spending the following day feeling like caca!

Oh well.

On Friday the original plan was to go Tiger Tiger in London as a Facebook friend, with the same name as me, had invited me for a 'leaving' do, but I was not able to rustle up anyone interested in going. There was interest from Channa and Sarah to hit the bars of Brick Lane, however. Hence, a new plan evolved; a simple plan. Channa and Sarah had never been to the bars there, and it is one of my favourite places to go! I love it when a plan comes together!

We 3 were to meet at Liverpool Street station, but I was to wait 25 minutes for the 1st of the ladies to arrive >:( It was only a short walk to the Cafe 1001. Once there I was shocked by the transformation; not in the decor or clientele, but in the atmosphere and 'essence' of the place. Before the smoking ban, the place had a seedy feel, with lots of groups huddled around the tables, piled on the well worn, leather sofas or scatter cushions, propped on the lower edges of the concrete pillars; all lit softly by candles or table lamps, with the DJ playing his non commercial funky house, loud enough to prevent normal conversation. But now it felt sterile, looked clean (although the furnishing were just as tatty as ever) and was nigh on empty. It was the first time I've chosen where to sit, usually I sit where I can. It was still a good night though.

I sent a MMS the Gregg to show him how empty the bar was and he rang me soon after to say that he would come down and join me, now that he had finished work. We all checked out The Big Chill bar before catching the last train home. It wasn't until I was home that I realized how drunk I was. 'Never again!' (Ahh, who am I kidding!)

more photos on Facebook, here.

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