Sunday, September 09, 2007

Stars of the future (?)

On Tuesday I went to what can only be called an amateur singer/songwriter showcase. As regular squish pages fans should already know, Catherine is a budding singer and at first I thought I was to see her sing, but it turned out that we were to watch one of her manager's other singers. Myself and Channa agreed to come along and Cat drove us to Benthal Green and the Backyard Comedy Club, where it was being held.

We watched quiet a few singers during the night, many of them singing songs they had penned themselves. To be expected, the talent on hand fluctuated wildly. I couldn't give you any names but in my opinion the best singers of the night was a guy with a guitar and brunette lady in a brown top. Channa also spotted, during the night, the comedian Lee Hurst who actually owns the Backyard Comedy Club. She suggested on sneaking a pic but it would of looked too obvious.

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