Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shaking my groove thang in Romford

Me, Channa, Cat

Last Friday night I was out for a drink and a dance with Channa and Catherine. The night was to take place in London for one of Channa's work colleges' birthday but Catherine has an aversion to London at the moment; finding the guys too creepy and the journey home too troublesome. So we ended up in Romford, in a club I'd never been to before or even heard of; Opium. It kinda had a Moroccan feeling with its styling cues, also with its many booths with cushioned floors and added scatter cushions.

We first went to Edwards though, where we had a run in with one of the bar staff. Whilst at the bar Channa made an offhand comment about being before a guy next to her which this barmaid overheard and aggressively responded that she would get us thrown out if we gave any more attitude! I asked for her name because I found her reaction over the top, and her manner, rude. She refused and attempted to explain her actions away. Long after me and Channa we still brooding over the episode.

Unfortunately Channa became a little worse for wear later on during the night, a victim of a lack of track time with drink. And we were worried about Cat earlier on! We all left about 1.30 as all 3 of us had work the next day.

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