Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Thames Festival

Two weekends ago the South Bank hosted a 2 day celebration of the River Thames. I went along, never one to let a free London event get away. Sadly I could only make the Saturday night (as Sunday was holding a Formula 1 race). Along for the ride was Sarah and Channa, still working her new philosophy of 'mates before men'. We did also get her to ride the tube as she has a slight tube phobia. Sarah's 'man friend' Peter met us down there as he was working on Saturday later than the rest of us. With the Festival finishing at 10pm each night, there wasn't much opportunity to sample the stalls, and food and entertainment and exhibitions that made up the show; secondly we aimed to see some French acrobats that were performing at 8pm in the shadow of the London Eye.

The acrobats' show started slowly and didn't seem to be heading anywhere, but about half an hour in, their 'string tent' was hoisted into the air with most of the team suspended beneath. Half the crew were playing instruments 100 feet in the air while the rest did their aerial stunts. It was all very ethereal and magical as the 'string tent' twirled one way then the next, lit up with lights which cut through the night sky like searchlights all whilst band played this spooky music like the kind you find in horror movies as the large chested blonde is being followed. It was all great fun and we headed home once it was over. I was disappointed to have missed the fireworks which actually took place on Sunday night. Damn!

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Sarah said...

how wonderfull well written mr squish x