Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bitter sweet

Good and bad news today in my beloved motor sport world today. Michael Schumacher announced his retirement from active racing in Formula One, after 15 years in the premier category. He done so after winning the Monza grand prix. His 90th F1 win. A pretty sad day. Almost as sad as the day that Ayton Senna died. However he did win the race to move within 2 points of series leader Fernando Alonso (whom I can't stand), so 'good one'!

Also, in the IRL (the US's top open-wheel series) Brit, Dan Wheldon won the season finale, (to my great enjoyment); ending the season tied on top spot in points with Sam Hornish Jr. Unfortunately due to a count back on wins, Sam won the championship after taking 4 wins to Dan's 2 over the season. Bastard!

'Schumi, we'll miss you! Dan, better luck next year!'


John said...

We will have to agree to disagree on this as usual, shumi retiring is f*****g great the cheating so & so. With his name out of the frame perhaps the fia will stop altering the rules to increase the red cars chances of success & make F1 more appealing to the masses again with good racing. Do have to grudingly agree though, he is probably the most complete racing driver of the modern era.......good riddance !!

On a more positive note, why no mention of Lewis Hamilton, winner of the GP2, the proving ground for the next genaration of F1 drivers, roll on the newest british hope for F1, it'd be good to have Lewis & Gary paffett (last years DTM champion) joining Jensen in the hunt for F1 honours.

squish said...

Well I always wanted to be the 1st black F1 driver, so Lewis Hamilton can kiss my shinny black ass! I think Gary Paffett will be wasted in F1 and pray for the day he wakes up and goes back to DTM. And I've got much love for Jensen and hope Honda give him the right tools next year!

Big Jase said...

Where the f*** where you squish.

I had to f******* take on phil on my f******* own.

I played like a f****** demon, and feel f****** today.

I take my f******* hat off to phil who played f******* superbly.

Phil leads 2-1.