Sunday, September 17, 2006

'We need some pictures!'

On Anon

Last night I met up with Gregg, His girlfriend Gigy, her twin sister and a couple of their friends in a bar just by embankment station. Well, outside it. It had more than a few outside tables and we enjoyed the evening drinking Portuguese rose wine and munching on cheese and French stick.


Once the bar had closed, the others took their leave and me and Gregg continued the night's festivities by going to the club On Anon. Drinking. Dancing. The usual club fare.

Center Point

At the bus stop on the way home, I saw a girl become the victim of an attempted bag-snatch. Her phone actually fell out of her bag so these two guys made off with that instead. It's likely that they are the same guys who stole Gregg's phone at the same bus stop earlier this year. Gits!

night scene

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