Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gentlemen. Start your engines.

How do? On the Wednesday evening just passed, I blew out the guys and badminton night for some go-cart racing with some of the company's financial advisors. I got lost on the way down. Or more correctly, I knew where I was but could not find where I had to go! Nevertheless, I arrived just in time and suited up in overalls, helmet and gloves. There was 18 us in total and would get 4 races each, with a final for the best 10. I qualified 2nd for the final with a win, a 2nd place and two 3rd place finishes from a random starting spot each time. (One of my 3rd places was from last spot on the grid! Yay me!) I came 5th in the final after 11 laps in torrential rain, it ended up being less about speed and more about control. The less you spun, the higher you finished. We was all soaked through and covered in grim at the end of the night, but had fun all the same :-)

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