Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sister, sister!

My 'sister' Sarah goes back to uni this weekend and I'll miss her cause she's cool and fab and groovy and has made this summer fun especially our trip to Cardiff and Bristol. With luck I'll be able to go and visit her at uni if she's not too busy with studies or sucking face with her boyfriend!

"How can she be your sister?" I hear you cry, "You is not even the same colour!"
Well 'Der' thick-o! We do not share the same mother or father, but instead, have a similar value system; sense of right and wrong, always doing the right thing and optimistic view of the world. It helps that we are also both Capricorns with our birthdays only 2 days apart. Sadly being older, life has jaded me somewhat but when I need to see what I've lost, I just turn to my 'lil sis' and the balance is restored.

Luv ya sis. Mwah!


John said...

and just how old is older then squish ??

Sacha's Dad said...

Squish, we need to have a chat son...

Eat your fudge!!!

The gal in the blog said...

awwww! every time i feel down i read this blog and it cheers me up, makes me feel loved [esp when i dread coming back home cos everyone else is mad at me.. lol!] you're too lovely! love ya big bro! x x