Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Duvet time!

Today is the last of my few days off this week just to recharge, take a step back; some 'me' time, duvet time. Works been tough the last few months and apart from some long weekends I've had no time off this year and felt that I just needed a break. A change of scenery would of been nice, but you can't win them all!

The weekend was good! It was good to see Dan again and it was equally as good to have Dan B there too. Shame Gregg had to leave the night early. We went to a fancy looking restaurant that served food with a French bias. Nice food, wine, conversation, then onto a bar, Ha Ha's! Gregg as mentioned before left early and left just me Dan and Dan to party on. However the food alcohol and tiredness wasn't mixing well with me and had to leave the two Dan's to finish the night.

The next day, bright and early, headed into London to see Michelle and Lynsey run the Lucozade Hydro Active Women's Challenge. They did well, running 5 km in approx 48 mins. Well done girls! I saw in the paper the next day that Paula Radcliffe ran it in the 'slow' time of 18 mins because she was pregnant!, otherwise 14 mins is her usual time!?! Crikey!


Jason said...

Hi Squish

You and me need to kick John and Phil's arse tonight to save face, after last weeks whipping.

Losing is a word that's not in the dictionary, unless it's John or Phils Dictionary.

Look up badminton in our dictionary and it says winners...

Remember court 4 tonight as the blonde twins are on court 2.

Anonymous said...
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