Sunday, September 24, 2006

Crunch time

Payday at the end of the week. Yay! Into poor mode again (No going out. No hot meals, just bread and water, (made that one up). No treats like candy and cakes, (boo hoo!)). Made it an extra week into the month so that's got to be an improvement. It (payday) will also give me a very big answer; Can I afford to go to Australia?
Steve White, an old work colleague, recently emigrated there and on Oct 14th he gets married to fiancee Carley (an aussie, and cracking gal to boot) and me, with an invite only have next month's pay to cover - flight, accommodation and spending money! Sheesh!! So lots of penny counting and belt tightening to come. If I don't make it to Oz, well I've got Queenie's (Lucy) and Kinky's (Kirsty) birthday bashes to attend.

Also I've got one more week before a meeting with my regional manager for a performance review. I've been off all me targets year to date and the company are a bit concerned. They need 100% plus from all players and my 95% ain't cutting it, it seems. I am, though, on my way to my best overall monthly performance since joining the company so I hope its enough to turn the heat off.

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