Sunday, April 15, 2007


Stop the presses!!
Because I now have a new favourite movie.

This film is amazing and has now edged out Batman Returns, Sin City and Memento as my top pick. The film is based on the graphic novel, by Frank Miller which is in turn based on the 1962 film, The 300 Spartans. The movie tells the story of an actual event that took place 480 BC, The Battle of Thermopylae. I'm sure reality and the movie bare little in common other than names, however its a thoroughly entertaining film and I for one can't wait for the DVD to come out so I can see it again. And remember; "THIS IS SPARTA!"


Greg said...

I am spartacus.

dhcselby said...

No, I'm Spartacus!

Sarah said...

i cant write on ur wall!

me again said...

ok, i can.. but only for this post! wagwa'an!?

Greg said...

Its been like 10 days since the guy posted. Is squish dead?