Thursday, April 26, 2007

'I'm BACK, but...'

That's right. Squish is back in the house!
Where have I been?
Well for most of last week I was out and had little time on me computer and this week, well that's another story.

To catch up I'll have to bullet point recent events.

- Had a night out in Colchester with Gregg. Had a late dinner in a Thai eatery then hit a club with an 'older' crowd. Me and Gregg watched bemused in the corner feeling 100 years younger than the folks around us!

- Won £34 on The Grand National. I picked the winner, Silver Birch, by tossing a coin onto the newspaper that all the runners were listed in and selecting the one my coin landed on. Skills!

- Watched Danny Boyle's movie; Sunshine. This movie was far better than I imagined, and captured the cold loneliness of space far better than many other space operas. 2 thumbs up!

- The Ferraris come 1st and 3rd in Bahrain with Alonso trailing home 5th. A satisfactory result for me. Aye.

- Played badminton singles with John and Martin and got my ass thoroughly kicked. Teaches me for skipping out the week before.

- I finally got to see my sis, Sarah when she invited me out to one of her mate's birthday drinks in the Valentine Pub. It was so good to see her again. Love ya sis. Mwah!

- Checked out the Tate Modern. Hadn't been there for a while, but there was nothing standout there this time and I had miss the 'slide' installation as well.


Greg said...

I think you meant "Aight!" and not "Aye". I mean it depends, on whether you were aiming to 'represent' 'homies' from black culture, or scotland. Your choice.

dhcselby said...

Dude! I won on the donkeys too! £86!! Glad to see ya back, See ya on wednesday!

squish said...

Ain't it obvious Greg. I'm bigging up my Scotish hommies. 'You can take our land, but you'll never take our freedom.'