Monday, April 30, 2007

My 1st steps

Today was my 1st day back out in public since being struck down with the dreaded pox. I wore a top with a high collar and a baseball cap with a big brim, pulled down extra low. I have to admit that I was quite exhusted just after 15 minutes of walking around.
My face is almost scab-free but you can see where every single spot was on my face, head and body. I am littered with white patches/spots (not whiteheads mind), not an issue until you remember I'm dark skinned. D'oh! Hopefully the cocoa butter I bought today will help even out my skin tone sooner rather than later, otherwise I will just have to accepted the patchwork quilt look.
So far I've been unable to shave (due to the scabs) so I currently look like a young Robinson Crusoe! I return to work Wednesday, and I have fingers crossed that I will have enough skin showing in order to put a razor blade to it!

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dhcselby said...

Ah, in that case, I won't see you on Wednesday! Get better soon and hope to see you on Poker night on Friday!