Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Beach Blanket Babylon

On Saturday night I got to see me ole pal Gregg again after a good couple of months; him having been on holiday for 3 weeks in the interim. We met in Notting Hill. His girlfriend, her sister and a couple of other friends I hadn't met before all met up at the station and made the short walk to the bar/restaurant; BBB, Beach Blanket Babylon. The place is kitsch and glam and very stylised. I had been there before but a long while ago.

We stayed for a few drinks, bagging a table near and open flame fire. But BBB was only the warm up. We ventured to a club who's name I forget at about 11pm and it became clear quite early on that the club was at capacity and was now operating a one in, one out policy. With an eye on the clock I had to make tracks at midnight to catch the last train home. It was not worth staying out for another hour just to face the headache of getting home from West London at that time of night. I'll have to ask Gregg if they got in.

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