Monday, April 09, 2007

'I'm getting too old for this sh*t!'

I got a call from Gregg Thursday evening after work. We had a lovely bright sunny evening and with the bank holiday upon us he wanted to take advantage and go out for a drink. He suggested Chelmsford as it was on his way home and marked the mid point of me getting to him. I decided to catch the train so I could drink and got there at 9.30. The last train back home was at 11.24 which didn't leave much time to party.

We we in Edwards when I had to decide wheather go home or take Gregg's offer to sleepover. I took the sleepover option, which kick started the night and we hit the nightclub Dukes. Party and bunny ears! We left at 2.30 for food and tucked into the drinker's standard; kebabs. We caught a cab over to Tiptree which cost £45! Oh my! I would of complained I think if I weren't so blind drunk, must have been the sambuca. I got to sleep on the sofa.

I was woken by Gpysy the family dog carrying her stuffed toy. After some breakfast and a freshen up I headed home, Gregg joining me on the journey as he had business in London.

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