Sunday, April 08, 2007

Jason's Birthday Lunch

A week late but just as welcome! Exactly one week ago week all went out for Sunday lunch for Jason's birthday. The restaurant was in Leigh on Sea near Southend, and was the same place we went the year before. As I couldn't remember the way I followed Jason and Michelle down in convoy along with Martin and Ells. Whilst the food was nice I did find a hair in my starter and Anna, a hair in her main course! Toward the end of the meal the restaurant tried to rush us out saying that we had stayed too long at our table, but then they relented and allowed us our coffees in peace.

David and Luan had to make tracks after the meal and the rest of us took a walk up to Southend, although me and Anna drove up to allow rapid transit for the return journey to the cars.

I have to confess that I love seaside rock and drove back to Southend at the end of the day to buy a load; £12 worth! Sadly I 'chain' ate them once back home and they were all gone by Tuesday!!

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